Yu-Gi-Oh Is Releasing a Duel Disk Pillow, and It’s Adorable


The holidays are fast approaching, and for anime fans, you can bet their wishlists are a mile long. From cute clothes to decor and Blu-rays, there are tons of things to nab for someone in your life who loves anime. And if they happen to love Yu-Gi-Oh, you can let them know the pillow of their dreams is about to hit shelves.

The update comes from Konami as the licensor confirmed its plans to release a special kind of Duel Disk. Rather than put out another replica, Yu-Gi-Oh is debuting a Duel Disk nap pillow, and it is pretty much adorable.

?KC Store?
The OCG KC Store has just announced a new exclusive product: Nap Pillow ? #YuGiOh #??? #??? pic.twitter.com/ihYwEZ7Gm5

— YuGiOh News (@YuGiOhNewsTCG) December 8, 2021

As you can see above, the pillow is shaped just like an original Duel Disk from Yu-Gi-Oh. Fans will be able to slip their arms through the pillow’s plush cuff to give them some extra stability. And when you want to take a nap, you just swing the pillow in front of you and rest your head on the disk’s point counter before falling asleep.

Clearly, this pillow is adorable, and it is a fun gift to give any Yu-Gi-Oh fans. The item is now on sale in Japan for under $80 USD at local retailers. Unfortunately, the pillow doesn’t have a U.S. release date, but netizens are already scouting the Internet for secondhand deals. So if you want to nab this pillow for the holidays, you can always write an IOU for your loved one!

And if this pillow doesn’t cure their craving for Yu-Gi-Oh, there are other collectibles to nab. There are always trading card packs to consider, but even Yu-Gi-Oh packs have had supply issues like those plaguing Pokemon and Magic the Gathering. Or if you have the cash, Yu-Gi-Oh is releasing a replica Duel Disk from the anime that comes complete with lights and sounds if you’re interested.


What do you think about this latest Yu-Gi-Oh collectible? Are you adding this plush to your holiday wishlist? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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