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X-Men artist Russell Dauterman posted a new design for Storm that modernizes and combines aspects of her previous costumes from the ’80s and will debut on the printed page in 2022.

The outfit features a black jacket with shoulder spikes and golden strands. Beneath the jacket is the X symbol, and Storm complements her top with sleek leather leggings and a hint of deadliness, with a knife holster attached to the left leg. Emblazoned across Storm’s chest is a lighting bolt symbol, a motif replicated in her earrings. Both the chest logo and the earrings are reminiscent of the outfit that Storm wore during her time hiding in Australia during the Outback era of the late ’80s X-Men comics, which ran in The Uncanny X-Men Issues #229 to 250.

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“Was very happy to design more X-Men!” Dauterman tweeted. “The assignment was to give Ororo an updated version of her ’80s mohawk costume — I wanted to merge that punk aesthetic with her goddess and superhero looks.”

Notably, Dauterman’s new design for Storm does not feature the mohawk that defined her punk look, which first appeared in 1983’s The Uncanny X-Men #173. In this design, Storm has coily hair, a marked departure that embraces the character’s African roots, instead of the wavy hair she has typically been depicted with.

A number of commentators on Twitter chimed in to praise the new look, thanking Dauterman for listening to fans who have long been calling for Storm to be depicted with her natural hair. “To be fair, Marvel was listening too!” Dauterman responded.

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Storm’s new design was previewed in a trio of teaser images for Destiny of X, which releases in Spring 2022 and will be the next major event to embroil the X-Men, in the same vein as Jonathan Hickman’s 2019 stories House of X and Powers of X. Alongside Wolverine and Hope Summers, Storm was shown in three illustrations by Taurin Clarke — one of which featured her new design by Dauterman — along with the cryptic text: “Choose your destiny.”

Destiny of X’s plot and creative team are still under wraps, but other teasers have teased the involvement of Destiny — the lost love of Mystique — with a vague quote attributed to her: “There is no ‘The’ future. There is no Destiny.” Destiny, a mutant with the power of foretelling the future, was recently resurrected and ascended to the Quiet Council of Krakoa, the mutant haven currently inhabited by the X-Men.

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