WWE’s Xia Li Makes SmackDown Debut Against Sonya Deville


Tonight was supposed to be the long-awaited match between WWE SmackDown co-general manager Sonya Deville and Naomi after weeks of back and forth, and it was…kind of. It quickly went awry though when Deville, who also debuted new ring gear and new theme music as well, revealed that Natalya was the special guest announcer while Shayna Baszler was the special timekeeper. Naomi then went right after Baszler and slammed her onto the side of the ring, and then Naomi kicked Natalya on the side of the head.

Then it was just one on one, and Naomi charged at Deville, but Deville ran away and got Natalya and Baszler back up on their feet. She told them to attack Naomi, but before they could pounce some new music hit, and out came new SmackDown superstar Xia Li.

.@XiaWWE has arrived!!!#SmackDown pic.twitter.com/SHwEyG7ZZi

— WWE (@WWE) December 11, 2021

Xia Li had new music and a killer entrance that had lightning appearing around her arms and hands, and it looked awesome. She then hit the ring and stood in front of Naomi, who didn’t know what to think. Then Xia Li threw out Natalya and Naomi went to work on Baszler, and pretty soon they cleared the ring.

Then Deville had one of them on either side, and she tried to send Naomi’s punch into Xia, but Naomi pulled her punch in time and Xia retaliated by hitting Deville with a kick to the side of the head. Then Naomi dragged her towards the corner and Xia kept watch, but as Naomi went to hit her signature move off the top rope Baszler and Natalya pulled Deville out of the ring and to the floor.

They then walked away towards the back while Naomi and Xia held court in the ring, and it would seem that Naomi has some additional backup. She’s also got Sasha Banks in her corner, so could w see a Triple Threat between these teams happen soon? My bet is on yes, but we’ll have to wait and see.


What did you think of the match and Xia Li’s debut? Let us know in the comments and as always you can talk all things wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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