WWE’s Toni Storm Gets Revenge on Charlotte Flair with a Pie on SmackDown


Toni Storm addressed Charlotte Flair’s actions last week, where she threw pies in Storm’s face and laughed at her. Storm said some embarrassment won’t keep her from getting her shot at the title, and she looked confident when she said she was already in Flair’s head. Flair then came out to the ring to address Storm’s challenge for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, and she was having none of it, refusing once again. She didn’t make it out of the arena unscathed though, and Storm got her well-deserved revenge with a pie in Charlotte’s face.

Before the revenge of the pie, Flair was all about building herself up, saying that she knows what Storm is doing. She said “The only way to get noticed in this women’s division is to challenge Charlotte Flair”, and then added, “We all know I’m about uplifting all the other women in the locker room.”

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She also said that Storm was not going to weasel her way into a match like this, and said that while she did consider her challenge, she is saying no once again. She was pretty happy with herself, and she dropped the microphone and headed out of the ring.

Flair took her time to leave the ring and the entrance ramp, and she took a minute on the ramp to bask in the crowd. Little did she know that Storm was just off camera, and when the camera panned over you could see Storm holding a pie and waiting for the perfect moment to hit her with it.

Flair finally started to turn and Storm looked ecstatic, and then as she finished turning Storm slammed the pie into her face and then celebrated on the ramp. Flair was utterly shocked and looked completely flummoxed and angry, holding her face.

Storm celebrated right in front of her, and Flair held her head in disbelief. The crowd ate it up, and it was great to see Storm get some revenge. If she wasn’t in her head before, she is certainly going to take up residence in Flair’s head now.

Will Storm get her title match finally? We’ll have to wait and see.


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