WWE’s Toni Storm Becomes Title Contender but Gets Brutally Attacked on SmackDown


After weeks of back and forth that included numerous pies being thrown, it was finally time for SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair to take on Toni Storm. Before the match started WWE played a recap of what went down between the two before this match, and Flair was not laughing, but Storm was. Flair was focused and came out with a huge punch to the face of Storm. Then she tried to lift her but Storm responded with a kick and then hit a Basement Dropkick which surprised Flair. Then she hit another kick in the corner, but a reach for a Suplex got her an elbow instead, though she turned things around with a Crossbody and a Lateral Press.

Storm kept up the attack and the crowd was clearly behind her. She dodged Flair again and then hit a boot to the face, but Flair responded with a boot of her own. Flair dragged her towards the corner and then stepped on her as she went to the corner. She climbed up top for a Moonsault but missed Storm and then hit another one to try and hook Storm for a pin, but Storm kicked out.

#SmackDown #WomensChampion @MsCharlotteWWE it out to teach #ToniStorm a lesson in this Championship Contender’s Match! pic.twitter.com/2f4KpjbTSV

— WWE (@WWE) December 11, 2021

Flair then started attacking Storm’s legs for the Figure 8, but when she went for it Storm rolled her up and almost go the pin. Then Storm hit a German Suplex, and she went for a pin but Flair kicked out. Flair regained control by pulling Storm over the ropes and then slamming her into the post, which sent Storm rolling onto the steps. Flair then shoved her back into the post and didn’t listen to the referee after repeated warnings, and that gave Storm the victory.

Flair then went to make an example of Storm and hit a huge boot to the face to plenty of boos. With Storm down Flair picked up her title and then taunted Storm a bit more before she left the ring. The DQ finish announced Storm as the winner, so despiting the attack by Flair it would seem that Storm has secured the contender’s spot. Perhaps we’ll see her taking on Flair at Day 1 or involved in a Triple Threat match instead. We’ll have to wait and see.


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