WWE’s Sonya Deville Reveals How Vince McMahon Conversation Led to Character Evolution


One of the more compelling storylines on SmackDown has featured Sonya Deville and Naomi, as Deville has abused her power as co-general manager of WWE SmackDown several times over the past few months. Deville has been amazing in the co-general manager role since returning to SmackDown, and in a new interview with Metro.co.uk she revealed how the idea for this latest evolution came about. While her original idea didn’t end up happening, she credits Vince McMahon for seeing the possibilities with one aspect of it and running with it.

“I had an idea and it kind of fell through and it kind of organically transitioned into this,” Deville said. ‘It was actually a conversation with Vince where I was in his office, we were talking about how I was gonna re-debut and I just kind of mentioned to him that I had these three-piece suits that I’d been waiting to wear on TV, and that I thought a cool part of my character could be that I rock lady suits and I’m kind of a bad B, and I could be a boss,” Deville said.

“I wasn’t speaking literally, but he kind of sat there and envisioned what I was saying with the suits. He was like, ‘Do you have one on you?’ I was like, “Yeah, I have my all-black one but it’s at my hotel’. He’s like, ‘We’ll send someone to go get it!’ Next thing you know, I was walking down the hallway in a three-piece suit. I didn’t know where it was going, and it just organically evolved from there,” Deville said. “But I think he’s so genius and so creative that I think me saying I wanted to wear suits, the wheels started spinning and this is where we ended up!”

Since then she’s become in charge of SmackDown of Raw alongside Adam Pearce, and she’s enjoyed getting to work with Vince along the way.

“We’ve had some conversations, and I actually got to work with him a lot in those backstage segments a couple of weeks back,’ Deville said. “They were super cool, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m in Vince McMahon’s office right now, on TV, in a segment!’ So that was really surreal and cool. He’s always been so supportive of me and what I’ve wanted to do, so when we kind of transitioned me into this role, it made sense for a lot of us. It was like, this fits, this works. He’s been so helpful on my journey and helped me achieve so many life goals, and get so many opportunities.”


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