WWE’s Sonya Deville Addresses Possibly Returning to Regular In-Ring Competition


WWE’s Sonya Deville addresses on whether or not she will possibly return to regularly compete in the ring again! Deville is ending the year at a much different place than expected from when the year began. Her return to WWE television following a loss to former Fire and Desire tag team partner Mandy Rose saw her take more of a backstage role and slowly sliding into her current position as a General Manager over Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown alongside Adam Pearce. She’s been scheduled for a few in-ring matches, but is there a chance she’ll return to regular competition?

Speaking to PopCulture’s Brian Jones, Deville opened up about her upcoming return to in-ring action leading up to the Day 1 pay-per-view and addressed how she feels about potentially returning to the ring in a more regular basis, “I’m a fighter, born and raised,” Deville began. “So obviously I love to fight, and I love to throw it down. But a lot of people also don’t know, one of my first passions was acting and performing. I used to host a show in L.A. before I got signed.”

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Continuing further, Deville stated, “So, talking and using my voice is also something that I really get a lot of satisfaction doing, and a lot of gratification. So I’m just enjoying where I am. I’m not eager or in some rush to be anywhere else. I feel really present in this moment, and in this role.” As for her current role, Deville also opened up about working so closely on it with Vince McMahon (which even lead to Deville and Pearce sharing a few on-screen segments with McMahon as part of the Red Notice tie-ins).

“Working with Vince lately has probably been my favorite thing in my career thus far,” Deville said. “He’s just so knowledgeable, and just so respectable to be around and just to be in segments with him. I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ I don’t have many fangirl moments. But I was freaking out, and he is so cool, and we were in there for hours working on stuff, and he’s so helpful. And he’s always been supportive of my career, and what I wanted to do. So that’s been really cool.”

Deville debuted this new version of herself at the start of the year, and is seemingly going to kick off 2022 in very much the same way. What do you think? Do you want to see more in-ring from Sonya Deville in 2022? Are you excited to see where her character goes in the new year? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!


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