WWE’s Raquel Rodriguez Talks SmackDown Call-Up and Emotional Final NXT Match


Last week’s episode of WWE SmackDown was an eventful one and featured the debut of several NXT stars. That included former NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez, now known as Raquel Rodriguez, who debuted in a backstage promo segment with Los Lotharios. Now WWE has released an extended promo where Raquel addresses her time in NXT, reuniting with Dakota Kai during her NXT send-off, and what it means to move up to SmackDown. Raquel is ready for this next chapter in her career, and she couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the SmackDown roster. You can check out the full video in the post below.

“Being able to walk into SmackDown and know that this is my official call-up is like, it’s nerve-racking because this is more pressure but it’s also exciting because this is what we work hard for, and this is what we all look forward to, coming to Raw and SmackDown,” Rodriguez said.

More confident than ever, @RaquelWWE is ready to shine on #SmackDown pic.twitter.com/TbecpgU7no

— WWE (@WWE) April 14, 2022

“You know what’s funny is it kind of came full circle because my first ever coliseum debut was in Portland where I debuted and became Dakota’s backup, her bodyguard right, and that’s where we formed this friendship and we formed this team and it’s something that works so well for us and that we were just able to coexist in like a perfect pairing,” Rodriguez said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor, better friend, a better Tag Team partner, and I hope we get to work again together in the future, but then having that again at Stand & Deliver, not just like us reuniting after being separated for almost a year, but reuniting and getting to work together again, it just flowed.”

“It was a lot. It was very emotional. I think if you even go back to Tuesday’s match when Dakota and Wendy came to check on me in the ring, I did get a little emotional. I kind of looked around and I looked at the PC and I was like ‘this has been my life for two years since I’ve had my TV debut. This is all I’ve known,” Rodriguez said.

“To know that they believed in me every step of the way and to know that they supported me every step of the way and for them to tell me that I earned this position, it solidifies and makes everything I’ve ever done, everything I’ve ever sacrificed, five years of torturing myself mentally and trying to get over it and be positive, and in the past 5 years you know it started off great because I’m like yes, my dream job and I was just excited to be here and I wanted to work hard. When you step into the PC you know this is the ultimate goal, is going to Raw, going to be part of SmackDown, and finally you make it, and that’s exactly what NXT did for me. NXT helped me grow. It helped me be comfortable in this position and now I feel even more confident than ever that I’m just gonna kill it,” Rodriguez said.


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