WWE’s King Woods Reveals His Epic New Crown on SmackDown


Those who have kept up with WWE SmackDown know that King Woods lost his throne, scepter, and crown after an attack by Roman Reigns and The Usos, otherwise known as The Bloodline. They held him while Reigns crushed his crown in front of him, and while Woods got revenge thanks to the return of Big E and Kofi Kingston, he was still without a crown. Tonight that changed though, as Woods debuted his new royal crown alongside Kingston, The Viking Raiders, and more, and the new crown is much sleeker and stylized than the previous crown, with a large X in the center.

The X is obviously for Xavier Woods, but not going to lie, it is also giving off X-Men with all the gold. The sides are also taller and there are gems throughout. It’s a pretty stellar-looking crown, and you can check it out below.

wwe-new-crown.jpg(Photo: WWE)

With his new crown intact, perhaps Woods will get another shot at Reigns in the future, but in the meantime, he will be ruling over SmackDown with the knowledge that if he ever needs them, Big E and Kingston are there. That said, King Woods can deal with things just fine on his own.

As for what is next for Woods, we might see more tag team action from him and Kingston, but perhaps we will see more singles action for Woods, kind of like we’ve seen from Big E. Big E was on a different program from Woods and Kingston and ended up in a singles run that has resulted in him becoming WWE Champion over on Raw. Kingston also go this run at that a few years ago, and so the question becomes, is Woods next?


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