WWE Survivor Series: WWE Reportedly Planning Something Big for Main Event


The Survivor Series remains one of the biggest pay-per-view events that take place within the roster of WWE’s major milestones for the year, and it seems that this year’s event is planning for something big to take place in the main event that will see current world heavyweight champion Big E face off against Universal Champion Roman Reigns. With this year also featuring the 25th anniversary of the Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, taking steps into the ring for the first time within World Wrestling Entertainment, could the former WWE Superstar be making a return?

Roman Reigns has been on a tear since becoming the Universal Champion, striking down nearly every opponent that he has fought since Paul Heyman has joined his side. Bringing the Usos under his wing and creating the “Bloodline,” the Tribal Chief seems to be unstoppable, though many are thinking that only a member of Reigns’ family can take him down, and who could possibly be bigger than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

wwe-survivor-series-big-e-roman-reigns.jpg(Photo: WWE)

Fighftul is reporting that some major changes have taken place, with some happening as soon as today before the start of the Survivor Series, which is set to see Raw and Smackdown clash as their biggest heavy hitters square off against one another across a bevy of matches.

While The Rock hasn’t been confirmed to make an appearance, we could hardly think of a better time for him to make an appearance in celebrating his start in World Wrestling Entertainment. With WrestleMania, arguably the biggest event in WWE’s roster of pay-per-views, only a few months away, Survivor Series could be the start of a family rivalry that sees Dwayne Johnson step back into the ring to bring down his family member.

The match between Big E and Roman Reigns won’t see a transition of belts between the two champions, so the member of the New Day will remain the Heavyweight Champ and Reigns will remain Universal Champ, though that won’t stop this match from being a highly anticipated one.


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