WWE SuperCard Reveals New Holiday Superstar Cards While Fans Hunt for Yeti Maps


WWE SuperCard recently released Season 8, which introduced three new card tiers and new superstars into the mix as well as a new mode. With the holidays the game has introduced some new cards and other gameplay elements, and everyone seems to be talking about the Yetis as part of the game’s Holiday questline. The game has introduced 18 new holiday-themed cards, and while they can pop up on the draft board for the Mire tier and above, the best way to get them is through the Yeti season Fusion event, and that is what has sent everyone hunting for Yeti maps.

Right now you can start playing the game and as you play different modes you have the chance to collect Snow Gear, Yeti Maps, and blurry Photos. You can then turn these into the Fusion Chamber to create a Yeti Tooth, and then once you have a certain amount you can turn those in at the Collectibles Store for Holiday packs or Yeti-themed cards that feature Drew McIntyre and Charlotte Flair.

Dashing through the snow, ?
There’s a Yeti run away, ?
The Holiday event, ?
Starts now so go and play! ?
(TAP TAP TAP) ? pic.twitter.com/FXcdyUoTBb

— WWE SuperCard (@WWESuperCard) December 7, 2021

If you end up nabbing the top reward of one of the Yeti questlines, you can get a guaranteed Holiday card of your current tier and a special Yeti Cardback, so you can see why people are hunting down Gear, Yeti Maps, and Photos.

As for the 18 new Holiday cards, they include stars Alexa Bliss, Kevin Owens, The Miz, Raquel Gonzalez, Ikemen Jiro, Happy Corbin, and Kay Lee Ray, so if you want to get your hands. on the new cards the time to hop in is now.

Check out the Personal Draft Board Pattern I found in WWE SuperCard! https://t.co/Khbsg8aOpg @wwesupercard #wwesupercard pic.twitter.com/1H1MzfSi6T

— Jwuan (@TongueGenius) December 9, 2021

There are also new Personal Draft Board Patterns and Global Draft Board Patterns, and you can find the solutions for both current versions of the Patter above and below.

Check out the Global Draft Board Pattern I found in WWE SuperCard! https://t.co/fkOyzZV6bQ @wwesupercard #wwesupercard pic.twitter.com/DdyZcUqrQg

— David Camfield (@WithheldStorm) December 9, 2021


As for Season 8 overall, it introduced new upgrades to the core gameplay, including Champion’s Boost, Pack Battle rewards, and Manager Cards. Champion’s Boost is a new stat modifier that will correlate to what’s happening in the real world, as it will automatically apply a boost to a Superstar’s card after winning a WWE title in real life. Meanwhile, the new card tiers added are Mire, Maelstrom, and Valhalla, and will unlock as players advance in tiers. The new tiers will include a variety of new superstars in the game, including Rick Boogs, Afa and Sika, Julius and Brutus Creed, Mansoor, Molly Holly, and more.

What do you think of Season 8 so far? Let us know in the comments or as always you can talk all things wrestling and gaming with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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