WWE NXT’s Kay Lee Ray Secures Advantage at WarGames


Tonight’s NXT kicked off with the battle. for the advantage in the Women’s WarGames match between Kay Lee Ray and Dakota Kai, and it didn’t take long for the Ladders to factor in. Early on it was Ray that was dishing out the punishment, and she looked firmly in control until Kai hit a nasty move that sent Ray’s back into the steel steps. Kai grabbed and set up a ladder but Ray stopped her from pushing it into the ring, and when Kai went to throw her back into the steps, Ray countered and threw Kai shoulder-first into the steps instead. Ray got the ladder in the ring finally but Kai dragged it back out to the floor.

Ray then hit a massive dive, slamming Kai into the announce table. She then lifted Kai up and slammed her body down onto the ladder, doing significant damage to Kai.

Ray got the ladder in while Kai tried to get back up. Ray started climbing but Kai pulled her down, kicked her, and slammed her into the corner turnbuckle. Kai climbed up and almost touched the briefcase but Ray pulled her back down.

Ray punched Kai and went to throw her into the ladder, but Kai countered and threw Ray face-first into the ladder instead. She then threw Ray into the turnbuckle and hit a massive kick to the side of Ray’s head. Ray was down and Kai lifted the ladder, but Ray punched Kai and kept her busy.

Kai slammed Ray into the corner again and put her boot against Ray’s neck. She then stuck her boot into Ray’s chest and hit punches to her back. Kai kept punching but Ray got the better of her and slammed her face-first down onto the mat.

Ray climbed to the top rope but Kai cut her off and then punched Ray down so she was hanging her leg over the ropes. Then Kai climbed over the top and stomped Ray’s chest, sending her hard down to the floor.

Kai went up the ladder but Ray once again stopped her. Kai kept hitting kicks and punches to Ray’s back, and then she went to climb again. She almost made it to the top again but Ray grabbed her leg. Kai climbed back down and stood on her back. Kai then stomped Ray’s hand and her back, and then she went to work on Ray’s leg and ankle.

Ray kicked Kai several times to free herself, but Kai kept coming back for more kicks and punches, and then she wrapped Ray’s leg and ankle around the bottom rope and twisted it followed by a kick to it. She wrapped it around the rope again, but this time locked her legs around Ray’s leg to keep it twisted on the rope. Ray hit her with elbows to try and get free, and she finally managed to get down to the ground. Ray was holding her knee and leg when Kai charged in, but Ray picked her up and hit the KLR on Kai, slamming her face-first onto the announce table.

Ray was in the ring and trying to climb the ladder, but she was moving slowly because of the hurt leg. Kai. Met her on the other side and they traded punches. Kai managed to bring Ray’s head onto the top and send her careening down to the mat, but Ray grabbed her feet somehow.

Kai then talked to herself a bit and hit a double stomp from up top onto Ray on the mat below. Kai started climbing up the ladder again, but Ray grabbed her feet. Ray then slid Kai’s feet into the ladder steps and pushed her down so that Kai’s back slid down the rungs of the ladder. Kai grabbed Ray’s feet but she got up the other side and grabbed the briefcase, securing the advantage for her team.


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