WWE NXT’s Harland Causes Chaos in Match Debut


Harland’s long-awaited debut happened in NXT tonight, as he took on Guru Raaj in his first match, and after staring at his competitor for a few seconds he slammed him down after a charge and then proceeded to slam Raaj’s face into the mat several times before driving his forearm not his neck and back over and over again. He then picked him up dragged him to the center of the ring, though Raaj fought back with punches. Harland stopped the comeback and picked up Raaj before slamming him down with authority and claiming the pin and the win.

After his win Joe Gacy asked if he felt better, but Harland shook his head no. He then went back into the ring and slammed Raaj’s head down several more times before referees ran to the ring and broke it up.

Only pure destruction will make @harlandwwe happy. #WWENXT @JoeGacy pic.twitter.com/RW0zyZcJq3

— WWE (@WWE) December 15, 2021

Gacy and Harland walked away and to the back but Gacy looked pretty happy as they walked to the back, and Harland looked as menacing as ever.

We then saw footage of the security personnel and referees walking Gacy and Harland out, but one guy kept getting in Harland’s face, so he picked him up by the neck and hurled him down the stairs, and Gacy was once again happier than ever.

Gacy has been feuding with the Diamond Mine of late, and while he did lose the match for the Cruiserweight Championship against Roderick Strong recently, he now has a raging Harland on his side, and he could end up going back for that title. That said, perhaps he has his eyes set on a different title, and few people would be able to stop Harland at this point in time, but we’ll have to wait and see.


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