WWE NXT’s Grayson Waller Mocks Johnny Gargano and Addresses Attack


Last week’s episode of NXT featured a heartfelt promo from Johnny Gargano, who was bringing his NXT career to an end. He was interrupted by an attack from Grayson Waller, who wanted to make a name for himself and put an end to the NXT legend. Waller walked into a-hole and you suck chants when he got to NXT tonight, and he was eating it up with a spoon. He then went to the ring later in the night and told the crowd that he had secured his spot in NXT and made it clear that you could bet on yourself, which was a shot at Gargano, who has come out with new shirts that say Bet on Yourself.

“I love it,” Waller said after a chorus of boos. “A Wise man once said, you can never fail if you bet on yourself. What a beaitufl speech. I nearly had a tear in my eye last week, but that man overstayed his welcome. He wants to talk about his wife. He wants to talk about his future. For some reason he wants to talk about all of you, like you’ve done anything for anyone. Last week I, personally by myself, did what I said I was going to do. I had all the views. I was trending everywhere, but I guess that’s what happens when you bet on yourself.”

Boo this man! @GraysonWWE #WWENXT pic.twitter.com/xtGMmP13JF

— WWE (@WWE) December 15, 2021

“I want to relive it, me betting on myself, I want to relive it,” Waller said. They then showed a video of the aftermath of the attack and Waller showing it all on Instagram. You could also hear the crowd booing him, and they continued to boo him in the ring.

“Let’s be realistic though. Last week I cemented myself as the NXT superstar,” Waller said. “I went on from jumping off the cage at NXT WarGames to ending the career of an NXT Legend. What did you guys do this weekend? The same thing you do everyday. You complained online about a person who is more successful than you.”

He then had tweets pulled up about him, and they were all insults. He then pointed out Wade Barrett’s tweet that criticized him, and then said “hey, this isn’t 2010. I could care less what you thought of me.”


He then pointed to Vic Joseph, saying that he beat up his best friend in front of him and he didn’t do a thing. “I want you to remember that because it shows what kind of man you are. I don’t need friends. I don’t need family. I certainly don’t need any of you. The only thing I need to go to the top of this industry is Grayson Waller,” Waller said.

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