WWE NXT’s Bron Breakker Wins Advantage for Men’s WarGames Team


Tonight’s NXT 2.0 main event was for the Men’s WarGames match advantage, and it was Bron Breakker vs Johnny Gargano. Breakker shoved Gargano back first and taunted a bit, but soon Gargano was in control and wearing Breakker down with a headlock. Breakker sent Gargano hard to the mat after a shoulder tackle and then he lifted him up for quite a while and slammed him down on his back with a thud. Breakker then kept hitting Gargano in the corner and then he followed it up with a dropkick. Then he went over the top rope and hit a splash on Breakker, slamming him to the floor. Gargano went for a ladder but Breakker hit a forearm to the back of his neck, and then he lifted him up and slammed him down face-first onto the ring apron.

Breakker grabbed the ladder and went to put it in the ring but Gargano slid underneath, though Breakker hit him with it and knocked him back down. Breakker one to place the ladder but Gargano scaled it and almost got eh briefcase but Breakker knocked it down. Gargano hit Breakker with some punches but Breakker caught him and brought him down to the mat before sending him out to the floor.

Breakker then set up the ladder and charged towards him but Gargano hit a spear between the ropes and went up quickly on the ladder. Gargano dodged Breakker’s move and then threw the ladder on top of him after hitting a dropkick between it, and the ladder hit Breakker in the head.

Then Gargano sent Breakker over the announce table and into the chairs, but grabbed his knee afterwards. Gargano set up the announce table sign and then slammed Breakker through it, bending it in the process. Gargano set up the ring in the middle again but Breakker got back in. They traded punches and then Breakker slammed Gargano down, but he went down as well holding his stomach and ribs.

Gargano went to set up the ladder again and Breakker caught him, though he would take a hard fall just a few moments later. Then Gargano went to set it up again, but Breakker came flying in and hit it with his whole body, sending it slamming into Gargano. They would trade punches again, and then Breakker slammed Gargano back-first onto the steel ladder, bouncing off it in what looked like an incredibly painful move. Breakker put him on the ladder and went up top to hit a dive on top of him but Gargano moved out of the way and Breakker got all of the impact on his hip.

Breakker kept up the attack on Breakker, and then he dodged Breakker’s charge and let him slam his face right into the steel ladder sticking out from the turnbuckle. Then Gargano adjusted the ladder and went to climb on top, but Breakker caught him and put him on top of it, but before he could bring him down Gargano hit two superkicks on the ladder right onto Breakker’s face.

Gargano then hit a third superkick right onto Breakker’s face, and on a hobbled leg he went to pick Breakker up. Elbows onto Breakker’s back followed but Breakker kept fighting back in the corner. Breakker climbed up and hit a Frankensteiner from the top rope.


Breakker set up the ladder again but Gargano was laying in punches. Breakker caught him and lifted him up, but Gargano hit a DDT on Breakker. Gargano went to climb the ladder, and then Breakker followed. Gargano then slammed the briefcase into Breakker’s face and knocked him down, but Breakker pulled him down and slammed him down. He climbed up and grabbed the briefcase to take the advantage.

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