WWE Is Reportedly Planning to Split Up Another Tag Team Soon


This week’s Monday Night Raw saw Rey and Dominik Mysterio return to television as the pair chased away Veer Mahaan from attacking Mustafa Ali, getting revenge for the attack Mahaan made several weeks prior. Rumors and speculation of WWE breaking up the father-son duo have been popping up for years and, within hours of their return, yet another report had dropped.

Dave Meltzer, via Wrestling Observer Radio, said late Monday night, “There’s been a lot of talk of splitting them up for like months…even when Aalyah was around, when they were doing the tension between Rey and Dominik all the time and then they just dropped the ball every single time and they would forget about it and everything. They probably set up the split like 3 or 4 times.

“I know that they were told this time when Rey took the time off to get stem cell [therapy] and they did the injury angle with Dominik that ‘you know, we’re gonna have Dominik go on his own,’ which they have said before that they were gonna do that. But the problem is that Dominik on his own is gonna be dead. Rey will always be over because he’s Rey Mysterio but I don’t know that they will ever really do anything with him because between the size and the age,” he continued (h/t WrestlingNews.co).

While Rey has consistently balked at the idea of a split, both he and Dominik have talked publicly about his son eventually inheriting his father’s iconic mask. He told TMZ last October, “I’ve told my son from the beginning, you’re gonna be better than your old man and I keep saying this over and over and over to him,” Mysterio said. “I can’t wait for the day for him to become his own man, although in a way he already is and for me it’s hard as a father to kind of let him go and fly on his own, but I truly believe in my heart, and I don’t just say this so he can stamp it in his head, but he’s gonna be better than his old man.”


Dominik, now 25, first started popping up alongside his father on WWE programming in 2019. The pair became the first-ever father-son tag team champions in WWE history last May by winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

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