WWE Announces Brock Lesnar Universal Title Match for Day 1 Pay-Per-View


Tonight’s SmackDown has already featured a number of developments regarding the Universal Championship, including that the no. 1 Contender Sami Zayn would be cashing in his match on tonight’s SmackDown as opposed to waiting for the Day 1 pay-per-view. By the end of the night, Zayn hopes to be the one in charge of the title, and he’s already guaranteed Lesnar a shot at it if he wins. If he doesn’t though, it doesn’t matter, as WWE has announced that Lesnar will have a title match at Day 1 regardless of what happens tonight.

WWE announced that Lesnar will have a match for the Universal Championship at Day 1, where he will either face a newly crowned Champion in Zayn or the long-running undefeated Roman Reigns if he manages to defend his title and defeat Zayn tonight. Either way, Lesnar is now at the front of the line.

Who will @BrockLesnar face at #WWEDay1?

We’ll find out when @WWERomanReigns defends the #UniversalTitle against @SamiZayn TONIGHT on #SmackDown. @HeymanHustle pic.twitter.com/AmWrE2SEGv

— WWE (@WWE) December 4, 2021

Lesnar came back all smiles to kick off tonight’s SmackDown, as he was reinstated after a suspension and a huge fine. Adam Pearce won’t even come into the building while he’s there, but we have yet to hear from Reigns tonight regarding Lesnar’s return.

Speaking of Reigns, in a previous interview he revealed which three WWE legends he feels he is emulating right now, and we can’t argue with any of these picks.

“Bret Hart was always my guy,” Reigns began (h/t Fightful). “I enjoyed that sports-centric, athletic type of performance that he put on. He was a pro wrestler’s pro wrestler. His work ethic and the amount of dedication he put in is second to none. As I got older, you hear all the stories and all the respect that has shined on The Undertaker. I had a match with him, to be able to do it again would have been awesome. The meat of his career, when he was a weekly full-time performer, it would have been awesome to do a full tour to be able to go around the world and learn from him and experience what it’s like to be in the ring with him night after night would have been really good. Right now, Ric Flair, in my own way…we’re not the same type of performers or characters but there is a similar light that I’m trying to shine on my legacy and this portion of my career that he’s known for.


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