WWE and G4’s Xavier Woods Wins $10,000 for Charity and Gets Revenge on Cesaro


Xavier Woods is a busy man these days, with ruling the WWE kingdom as King Woods on SmackDown every week while also being a member of the G4 team each day on Twitch, creating new content for UpUpDownDown, and hosting on Nickelodeon. On top of all that he somehow found time to win an impressive sum of money, adding up to $10,000 dollars, for a great cause during his work at G4. To win the money he had to win a game of Gang Beasts, and as a bonus for his win, he got sweet sweet revenge on his fellow WWE superstar Cesaro (via Fightful)

Woods was part of G4’s Xfinity Streamer Squabble Tournament, and after making it through a series of game events it was down to a game of Gang Beasts, a multiplayer game that features gelatinous characters fighting in Three Stooges fashion as they try and survive treachours hazards and shifting environments.

Cesaro was not a believer that Woods could pull it off, saying earlier in the stream that Woods had no shot at winning the trophy. Woods went right at him after he claimed victory, and you can read his response below.

Woods said “Cesaro…suck it, nerd! I’m at work playing video games with my friends, I don’t need you bringing me down while I’m doing a good job, over here! I’m the Streamer Squabble champion! Whaddup! I get to take home this very expensive trophy and put it with all of my other very expensive trophies, lets go!”

Woods would win the tournament and in the process would donate the amount of $10,000 dollars to Connor’s Cure, which was created in honor of 8-year-old WWE superfan Connor Michalek. WWE’s Stephanie McMahon and Triple H established the Connor’s Cure to help support pediatric brain and spinal cord cancer research, so the money is absolutely going to an amazing cause.


You can find out more about Connor’s Cure and how to help right here on the official website.

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