Wolverine, Storm, and Hope Face Uncertain Futures in New Destiny of X Teasers


Marvel Comics continues to promote Destiny of X, a new era for the X-Men comics coming in the spring of 2022. A trio of teaser art features Wolverine, Storm, and Hope Summers, with each piece of art split into three parts, more likely representing the characters’ past, present, and possible future. The previous Destiny of X teaser was light on artwork, instead choosing to utilize a simple phrase from the precog Irene Adler, aka Destiny. March 2022 will see the X-Men embark on a new journey for the first time outside of the purview of Jonathan Hickman, who helped relaunch the franchise two years ago with the miniseries’ House of X and Powers of X.

The logline that comes with the three Destiny of X teasers states, “CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY! What destinies await Marvel’s mightiest mutants? See what possible futures lie ahead in new teasers starring your favorite X-Men and stay tuned for more information on DESTINY OF X!” The Hope Destiny of X teaser is by David Baldeon and Israel Silva; Storm’s Destiny of X teaser is by Taurin Clarke, and the Wolverine Destiny of X teaser is by Carlos Gomez and Jesus Aburtov.

Hope Summers is the adopted daughter of the time-traveler Cable, who himself is the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey’s clone, Madelyne Pryor. If we’re to believe we are looking at Hope’s past, present, and future, then the middle shot of her holding a smoking rifle represents her past, fighting for her life while jumping from timeline to timeline; the present is Hope presenting a fiery argument to the X-Men’s Quiet Council on Krakoa; and the future is Hope standing in front of The Five — a group of five key X-Men tasked with running the resurrection protocols to bring dead mutants back to life — and wearing the Cerebro helmet and black bodysuit of Professor Charles Xavier.

Storm’s teaser finds her enjoying the fall of raindrops in the past; in the present, Storm is the Regent of Arakko and Voice of Sol in the middle image; and her future finds Storm returning to her mohawk haircut with a new leather costume.

Finally, Wolverine is back to his Patch persona in the middle of his teaser to represent his past; the present finds Wolverine in his brown-and-yellow costume for the Dawn of X; and his future is another teaser for X Lives of Wolverine and X Deaths of Wolverine, two upcoming event titles from writer Benjamin Percy and artists Joshua Cassara, Federico Vicentini, and Adam Kubert. It’s hard not to notice Logan covered in the techno-organic virus of the Phalanx.

“This is a story that channels Wolverine’s legacy from start to finish. But with that said, it’s very much its own thing. I don’t do karaoke,” Percy told Nerdist in an exclusive interview. “In other words, I am tipping my hat to ‘Days of Future Past,’ yes, but the X LIVES OF WOLVERINE/X DEATHS OF WOLVERINE is its own signature narrative. I’ve got a thing for time travel stories (and stories that play with time). The Time Machine. The Terminator franchise. Back to the Future. Looper. Cloud Atlas. Endgame. I’ve always wanted to take on the genre–and we went all out. The clocks and the compasses are spinning wildly. Be ready for a blood-soaked, mayhem-packed, kaleidoscopic journey through time and space.”

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