Wolfenstein 3 Potentially Teased by Bethesda Developers


A handful of developers at Bethesda have seemed to have hinted that the publisher could be in the process of developing Wolfenstein 3. Specifically, these developers in question belong to MachineGames, which is the studio within Bethesda that has worked on the Wolfenstein franchise for the better part of the past decade. And while it remains to be seen if these teases in question are actually in reference to Wolfenstein 3, there seems to be a high possibility of this being the case.

Spotted in the LinkedIn profiles of two studio members at MachineGames, it was revealed that an unannounced project is currently in the works at the studio. Rob Newns, who is a senior game designer at MachineGames, mentioned that he is currently “working on systems design for an unannounced project,” in his own profile. Additionally, fellow senior game designer Teemu Kivikangas also stated that he’s working on this unannounced title while also juggling development with the Indiana Jones game that was revealed earlier in 2021.

It looks like MachineGames, an Xbox studio, could potentially be working on another new game next to Indiana Jones.

Two LinkedIn profiles mention an “unannounced project” and neither of these devs are listed in the Quake credits.https://t.co/K2Gstr1mpyhttps://t.co/pljYzuQfCy pic.twitter.com/La8Wfqg1l4

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Although neither studio member outright mentioned Wolfenstein by name, there is a good chance that this mystery project could be related to Wolfenstein 3. The biggest reason for this belief is because those in charge at Bethesda have made clear in the past that they have every intention to one day create a third mainline Wolfenstein title. Whether or not this game is something that MachineGames could be working on right now remains to be seen, but this is definitely the best candidate for this unannounced project.

Currently, the Wolfenstein series has been dormant since 2019 when the co-op-focused spin-off Wolfenstein: Youngblood ended up releasing. Prior to this, 2017 saw the launch of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, which continued the events of the franchise relaunch, The New Order, which came about in 2014. Assuming that Wolfenstein 3 does end up coming about in the future, it would mark the first entry in the franchise to release since Bethesda’s acquisition by Xbox. As such, it would also surely be exclusive to Xbox Series X and PC.


So what do you think about these new teases from the studio members at MachineGames? Do you think Wolfenstein 3 has to be in development at this point in time? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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