Wolf Stars Lily-Rose Depp and George Mackay Had a Lot of Problems Filming “On All Fours”


In the new film Wolf, George MacKay plays a man named Jacob who believes that he is a wolf trapped in a human body. That condition, a real prompts him to eat, sleep, live, and at times move like a wolf would. The film also stars Lily-Rose Depp as a woman, Wildcat, who believes herself to be exactly what her name suggests and given the animal natures of their characters, both MacKay and Depp had to spend quite a bit of time on all fours during filming and according to the actors, it was a bit of a challenge.

Speaking with ComicBook.com, both MacKay and Depp spoke about the length of time they spent in the animal-like positions while filming and Depp revealed that there was a cut of one scene that was 13 minutes long – a considerable amount of time for the position.

“I think there was, and we were obviously doing it for way longer than this, but I think there was a scene where we’re like, on the roof kind of getting to know each other as our animal selves,” Depp said. “There was a cut of that scene I think was 13 minutes long or something like that, which I always said to [Nathalie Biancheri, Wolf’s director] that I would love to see that cut. I’m very interested in that. I think that scene was the longest were in our animal personas.”

MacKay spoke to how he found the physicality of the position and how he had to experiment with moving his body to get just the right position.

“It was just we kind of found, I mean that was sort of like the shoulders stuff was kind of a mixture of working with Terry first was kind of trying, in a sense, not to mimic so much but to kind of get inside of it and get inside of the animal and all the reasons behind it,” MacKay said. “Then the sort of aesthetic layer that went on top. TO be honest, there was a lot of filming myself on my computer kind of just trying different positions as to like, little subtle things that when you lift your knees off the floor and you drop your tummy, it immediately pops your shoulders and sort of knowing that, oh, that’s where the weight actually sits in a wolf, that’s how I make it look like that in my own body. And so the kind of the shoulder thing and sort of locking an elbow and putting all your weight on it allows that sort of your body to then arc in a certain way. And that was just kind of experimentation really, and lots of very strange photobooth videos in my flat.”

Wolf opens in theaters on December 3rd.


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