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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from Robin #8, on sale now.

Damian Wayne has had a rough go of it lately while investigating the League of Lazarus. In particular, Hawke, the son of Green Arrow, secured an undisputed victory over the youngest Boy Wonder. But in Robin #8 (by Joshua Williamson, Gleb Melkinov, Max Dunbar, Hi-Fi, ALW’s Troy Peteri) the two came to blows once again. Unfortunately for Damian, he lost, with Hawke snapping his neck. However, this improbably turned out to be a crucial part of Damian’s plan.

Robin intended to die and then be resurrected, suggesting that Damian is now more confident in his ability to defeat what many consider the greatest hand-to-hand fighter on the planet. Here is how Damian intends to do this and why death had to claim yet another Robin.

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Damian has always been overconfident. After all, he grew up the child of Batman and the natural heir to the al Ghul line. While Damian has been tested on more than one occasion, he has never been challenged quite like he has during the Lazarus Tournament.

His initial fight with Hawke helped drive home that he was not reaching his full potential. He spent time recovering physically and training with his grandfather, Ra’s al Ghul, but even this ultimately proved not enough for Damian to overcome his older opponent. Despite this, there are signs that Damian’s fighting skills have vastly improved since he first came to the island.

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This can be seen during a fight with another opponent, Flatline. Going in, Damian knew he was fighting someone extremely dangerous. After all, Flatline learns the fighting skills of those she kills. Since she previously ripped out Damian’s heart, Flatline now knows how to fight like him. Before squaring off against his opponent, Damian has had time to reflect and train with an ancient warrior. He cultivated new skills to utilize against Flatline.

However, Damian is still no match against an opponent like Hawke, especially after becoming injured during the earlier rounds of the tournament. Damian’s decision to intentionally die is really the only way he will be able to beat his stronger opponent. His resurrection will heal all of his injuries and give him another shot at Hawke. Given the issue’s resolution, it seems extremely unlikely the rematch will happen anytime soon. If they do face off again, Hawke and Robin will bring out the best in each other and ultimately determine who is the best fighter.

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