Why a Perverse Avengers Villain Suffered Marvel’s Most Disturbing Death


WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Avengers #50, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

One of the constants of the Marvel Universe for decades was the presence of the Watcher in monumental moments, at least until he was removed from the field during the events of Original Sin. His creepy replacement just returned — and suffered an even more brutal fate.

In Avengers #750 (by Jason Aaron, Aaron Kuder, Carlos Pacheco, Ed McGuinness, Javier Garron, Rafael Fonteriz, Alex Sinclair, David Curiel, Matt Hollingsworth, Rachelle Rosenberg, and David Baldeon), the Orb gives a reminder of how unsettling he can be — right before he is brutally murdered.

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The Orb debuted in Ghost Rider #26 (by Jason Aaron and Tan Eng Huat). The mysterious mercenary is one of the more bizarre villains in the Marvel Universe. He reached a cosmic level of importance however during the events of Original Sin. Working with Doctor Midas and Exterminatrix, the Orb was able to overwhelm Uatu and steal one of his eyes. The Orb has since fused with the eye, granting him the ability to see secrets across the universe. Since then, the villain has relished taking Uatu’s former position as a witness to the important events that redefine the trajectory of the Marvel Universe, gaining a perverse joy from his new station.

Since taking on this position, he’s become an even creepier villain, as seen in the beginning of Avengers #50 when he demands that a married couple fated to murder each other to do so in front of him for his pleasure. In many ways, since taking the Watcher’s eye and duty, he’s become the leering creep that many figures sometimes jokingly accuse the Watchers of being. However, the Orb’s attraction to major events ends up being the cause of his ultimate undoing.

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The Orb witnesses the arrival of the multiversal Masters of Evil as they arrive outside Avengers Mountain. The Orb has just enough time to introduce himself and explain his presence before he’s summarily put down by Doom Supreme, who blasts a hole in his chest. As one final insult, he takes the Watcher’s eye from the fatally wounded Orb and leaves him to die alone in the snow. It’s an inglorious end to one of Marvel’s stranger antagonists and a good indicator of how dangerous these multiversal Masters of Evil are.

The villains’ arrival is apparently enough to draw the eyes of the Watcher (even when they’re outside of his head), and these Masters of Evil have already destroyed plenty of Avengers from different realities. They have no mercy or restraint and are quick to deliver a lethal blow to anyone who stands in their way. The issue also teases this is just the first of many deaths in their wake, and it appears that the Avengers may have an epic battle looming on the horizon.

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