Walt Disney World to Bring Back Trams This Month


Trams will be returning to Walt Disney World later this month starting with the Magic Kingdom. When Walt Disney World reopened during the COVID-19 pandemic back in 2020, it removed many elements of the guest experience in order to maintain social distancing and discourage crowds. But as more and more visitors become vaccinated, Disney has slowly brought these missing elements over time. Earlier today, Disney Parks announced that Walt Disney World would start using complimentary trams to cart visitors from their cars to the front gates of various parks, starting with the Magic Kingdom later this month. Other trams services will follow in early 2022.

Driver you are clear…to spread a little holiday cheer! Parking trams will be returning to Magic Kingdom Park later this month and other Walt Disney World theme parks throughout 2022!? pic.twitter.com/KpJyBZfTBu

— Disney Parks (@DisneyParks) December 2, 2021

Although trams aren’t as iconic as Cinderella Castle or Space Mountain, they are a crucial part of the Walt Disney World experience. On busy days, visitors might have to park a mile or farther from the Ticket and Transportation Center, the area where they can pick up either a monorail or boat to the Magic Kingdom. Couple the walking with the sweltering heat common to Orlando during the spring, summer, and fall months, and many guests have the “magic” drained from them before they reach the park. Like other mundane parts of the Disney World experience, many guests could even recite the traditional greeting and disclaimer given to guests by a cast member as they entered the tram by heart.

The trams were rumored to return as early as this summer, as Disney Parks began to hire an increased amount of parking staff. Other parts of the park experience has also returned in recent weeks, with performers playing shows at all four Walt Disney World parks, and parades returning to after hours events. Some indoor shows and performances are also set to return in the coming weeks. Restrictions for riding the monorail and Skyliner were also relaxed earlier this year.


Trams will also be returning to other Disney parks in the coming months. Disneyland officials previously confirmed that trams would be available for guest use starting in early 2022. The Disneyland monorail also recently reopened in mid-October.

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