Vincent D’Onofrio Debunks Hawkeye “Leak” of Kingpin Return

Marvel Studios has crafted the largest franchise in Hollywood. By now, you already know the studio’s fandom feverishly dissects every single project released by the outfit and now the production house is in the business of weekly event television, the discourse has only gotten larger. It’s how we’ve gotten things like all the Mephisto theories and most recently, it’s how we’ve gotten a rumor that Kingpin–played by Vincent D’Onofrio, nonetheless–will be appearing at some point within Hawkeye.

While the actor didn’t flat-out deny he’s in the series over the weekend, he did point out one photo that’s circulating on Twitter is a poor photoshop of himself. Responding to a fan that asked him if he was the one in the picture–one manipulated to try looking as close to a comic-accurate version as possible–D’Onofrio said the photoshop was “a really bad job.”

Well it’s a really bad job from someone trying to make it look like me. This guy in the pic is more handsome I think.

— Vincent D’Onofrio (@vincentdonofrio) November 27, 2021

“Well it’s a really bad job from someone trying to make it look like me,” the Daredevil star tweeted. “This guy in the pic is more handsome I think.”

D’Onofrio played the iconic Marvel villain in three seasons of Netflix’s Daredevil show, ultimately becoming a favorite of most fans of the franchise. When we spoke to the actor last year, he said he felt like he still had some sense of ownership over the role.

“I feel very close to that character,” the Adventures in Babysitting alum told us at the time. “I do have to say, I do feel like that character is mine and it’s only because I played him for those three seasons and was so close with him.”

He added, “I do feel very close to that character just for like nostalgia and just connected to that character through my performance. So I think that any offer to play him again would be, I would definitely have a really good look at for sure.”

The first two episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+.


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