Vice President Kamala Harris Has a Perfect Wordle Score

Everyone, it seems, is obsessed with Wordle, the daily five-letter puzzle that has become a full-on sensation and that “everyone” includes Vice President Kamala Harris. Harris is an avid player, and it turns out that she has a perfect score at the often-tricky game, with an unbroken solving streak. In a recent interview with The Ringer, Harris revealed that her then current streak was 48 and her perfect streak is one she intends to keep.

“I have 100 percent, and I intend to keep it that way,” Harris said.

In the interview, Harris explained that she has specific strategy that she uses when taking on her Wordle puzzle. The Vice President starts each puzzle with the same word each time: notes. It’s a word that gives her a “healthy mix” of consonants and vowels to work from. She also said that playing the game is a “brain cleanser” for her.

“Wordle, for me, is like a brain cleanser,” Harris said. “So, it’s in the middle of very long days, back-to-back meetings on a lot of intense issues. If I have a break, let’s say that people are running late or my little 25 minutes for lunch, sometimes while I’m eating, I’ll figure out Wordle.”

Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff also plays Wordle, and she said that they do talk about their games, but when it comes to chatting about the puzzles with friends or even talking about it on social media, that’s not something she’s able to do. Secret Service security restrictions prevent such things.

“No, because my phone does not let me do that,” Harris admitted. “My phone doesn’t let me text anybody, which is sad.”

As for Wordle itself, there have been a number of recent puzzles that have been exceptionally challenging for many players and have broken many streaks however today’s puzzle (April 20, 2022) is one that is relatively straightforward, something that may come as a relief to players. You can read our breakdown of today’s daily Wordle puzzle here, complete with the solution to the puzzle near the end of the article.


What do you think about Vice President Harris’ Wordle streak? Do you play Wordle? What is your best Wordle streak thus far? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

Photo: Bastiaan Slabbers/EPA/Bloomberg via Getty Images

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