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WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Venom #2, available now from Marvel.

Eddie Brock has always lived an unsteady life, one which has seen him take on all sorts of challenges. Ultimately, the recent revelation of Eddie’s son, Dylan, has been the most difficult of them all. Eddie and Dylan have still managed to become the kind of family both of them had only ever dreamed of. Since Eddie ascended to the throne in the major storyline King in Black, their relationship grew stronger, despite several roadblocks. Their happiness ends when Eddie seemingly dies in a fire caused by the Life Foundation, leaving the young Dylan Brock effectively orphaned.

Dylan saw the attack unfolding, but there was nothing he could do to save his father, Thankfully, he still has his symbiote allies by his side.  The alien symbiote has even stepped up as the sort of father figure that Eddie himself only barely got the chance to be to his son. Dylan is haunted by his father’s demise and in Venom #2 (by Ram V, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie, Alex Sinclair, and VC’s Clayton Cowles) he even asks the titular symbiote why it did not save his father. Surprisingly, the Venom symbiote states Eddie was all it could think about in that moment. In its own way, the symbiote was thinking about what Eddie would do in the same position if their roles had been reversed.

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When Venom saved Dylan from the Life Foundation’s attack, the symbiote was not giving up on Eddie. Rather, it was following his long-time host’s example. The symbiote could not have bonded with Eddie even though it would have made short work of their assailants. If Venom had taken the time to bond with Eddie it would have been doing so at Dylan’s expense — a choice Eddie would never make. As far as Venom is concerned, it was the only one to make in this scenario.

Like Eddie, the Venom symbiote has come a long way from its murderous roots. It seems that the journey from villain to Lethal Protector now mirrors its host’s own more than anyone could have anticipated. Despite every other host that Venom has had, its strongest connection has always been with Eddie Brock. It is clear that the two have helped one another grow into more heroic versions of themselves than anyone could have imagined at the outset of their story. Even if Eddie is not physically around to protect Dylan anymore, Venom can not help but continue on that same responsibility the best way it knows how. And much like his former host, the symbiote will carry on no matter who or what it has to face to do so.

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Eddie had been worried about losing his grip over the Hive. Venom’s unwavering dedication to keeping Dylan safe confirms it has made a positive impression among a number of symbiotes. And yet, Eddie’s cryptic warnings about to Dylan about bonding to Venom remain an ongoing concern. This is even more ominous because it has gone so far to protect the younger Brock. With any luck, all of these questions will be answered before too long by the title’s creative team.

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