Until Dawn Developer Announces The Quarry With Teaser Trailer


Supermassive Games, the creators of the hit horror game Until Dawn and the more recent Dark Pictures Anthology series, announced a new game this week called The Quarry. The announcement came alongside a teaser trailer which showed off a brief look at the game and imagery reminiscent of slasher flicks and the horror stories Supermassive Games excels at. A full reveal of the game will take place on March 17th, the announcement said, with only these brief teasers shared ahead of that reveal.

You can check out the teaser trailer for Supermassive’s next game below after it was revealed on social media. It consists of under a minute of footage, but it’s enough to get a feel for The Quarry.

“What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.” ? Watch the reveal of #TheQuarry, our all-new horror experience published by @2K, coming this Summer.

TOMORROW @ 9am PT | 12pm ET | 4pm GMT
? https://t.co/5dwC0v2hNS pic.twitter.com/XEtwKbmy27

— Supermassive Games (@SuperMGames) March 16, 2022

The dialogue offers more details about the game through what sounds like a police officer’s questioning of a group of people. We hear talks of a quarry and something jumping out in front of a car to send it careening off-road. If what you’ve seen and heard wasn’t enough to conjure up images of things like Friday the 13th, the people being interviewed say that they’re camp counselors on their way to a summer camp that the game apparently gets its name from.

Some other details worth pointing out outside of the trailer itself include the fact that this game is published by 2K. Bandai Namco, by comparison, is the publisher for the Dark Pictures Anthology games, so if the lack of the branding wasn’t enough of a confirmation, it looks like The Quarry is indeed separate from that series.

It’s also worth noting that Supermassive refers to The Quarry as a “horror experience” with that last part being a word people have noticed in particular. “Game” would’ve been a much more expected word used to describe The Quarry, but Supermassive’s games are always quite cinematic and decision-based regardless, so perhaps it’ll indeed be in line with Until Dawn and the studio’s more recent works regardless of whether it’s considered an experience, a game, or something different.


Supermassive will fully reveal The Quarry on March 17th, so expect to see more information then after the countdown page reaches its end.

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