Tom Holland Wore his Spider-Man Suit 80% of the Time Filming No Way Home

Spider-Man star Tom Holland says that he wore his suit almost 80% of the time while filming No Way Home. The actor spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about the multiversal adventure. Of course, the topic of his heroic wardrobe came up and he says that it was a long stretch in that costume. In fact, he says that there were multiple weeks where he didn’t do any acting outside of the suit near the end of shooting. So, hopefully, things are a bit more comfortable than it looks inside the mask. It’s all in service of delivering an action-packed finale to this first trilogy with him as Spider-Man. The topic of him and the struggles with the suit have been well-documented. (Also, plenty of fan arguing about his version of Spidey’s costume versus some other actors that have worn the red and blue.) However, fans will get a great look at his latest bunch of suits in No Way Home when it opens next week. Check out what he had to say down below:

“All the time. I reckon it’s practical probably 80 percent of the time. During the last five weeks of shooting Spider-Man: No Way Home, I wore the Spider-Man suit every single day, all day. There were no other costumes.

Recently, the star spoke about how he handled acting with a mask on constantly with Hot Ones. It turns out the Spider-Man actor has an ace up his sleeve.”

“I mean, it comes with its own set of challenges,” Holland began. “It’s definitely difficult, as an actor, you use expression with your face to convey emotion. When you take that away, you have to do it with your physicality. So, if you took off the Spider-Man suit and I had to behave the way I do when I’m in the suit, you’d think I was a crazy person and acting way too much and too big. Cover up your face and all of a sudden those bigger reactions feel normal.”

“My secret weapon is that I will always pretend like my arms are dead,” he revealed. “So that when I move and swing around, Peter Parker’s hands are always doing the most crazy stuff. For me, that’s always been a really good way of making him feel youthful while also incorporating moments of peril and stuff like that.”


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