Tom Holland Reveals His Secret Weapon for Acting in Spider-Man Costume

Tom Holland has a secret weapon for acting in his Spider-Man costume. During his appearance on Hot Ones this week, the Marvel hero talked about the importance of using those arms to the fullest ability. Holland says that his secret weapon is acting like his arms don’t have a full range of motion. Embellishing movement is basically mandatory with your face covered up. The actor basically has to perform half of these Spider-Man movies behind the mask, so the rest of his appendages become very necessary. Maximizing that movement and making good use of those eye lenses are nice ways to make sure his emotions are legible on screen. (However, his pain tolerance in the face of those spicy wings is right there for all to see in the clip below.)

“I mean, it comes with its own set of challenges,” Holland began. “It’s definitely difficult, as an actor, you use expression with your face to convey emotion. When you take that away, you have to do it with your physicality. So, if you took off the Spider-Man suit and I had to behave the way I do when I’m in the suit, you’d think I was a crazy person and acting way too much and too big. Cover up your face and all of a sudden those bigger reactions feel normal.”

“My secret weapon is that I will always pretend like my arms are dead,” he revealed. “So that when I move and swing around, Peter Parker’s hands are always doing the most crazy stuff. For me, that’s always been a really good way of making him feel youthful while also incorporating moments of peril and stuff like that.”

Zendaya had some other worries about his suit’s functions on the Graham Norton show recently. She was concerned he might get motion sickness and puke inside of the costume.

“It’s one piece and there’s a helmet that goes underneath it,” she said. “I always have this fear that if he’s like working really hard or something’s happening that if he had to throw up per se. How? How is he going to get it out?” She added, “This is a genuine concern. So honestly, sometimes when I look at it him, I get a little scared it just stresses me out.” You can watch the clip below:


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