Tom Holland Had More Fun On Spider-Man: No Way Home Than Previous Two Films

Spider-Man: No Way Home star Tom Holland says he had more fun filming this movie than the previous two entries in the franchise. Entertainment Weekly put out a massive guide to Spider-Man today and the actor explained how director Jon Watts and the cast have settled into a nice little groove in the MCU. Back in the days of Spider-Man: Homecoming, it was literally a different world. Introducing the character in Captain America: Civil War thrilled audiences. But, there was still the specter of two different actors that wore the costume to contend with. Now, Holland is beloved as the MCU’s own personal Spider-Man and this last film is a celebration of the character throughout the years. With this trilogy coming to an end, everyone felt much more at home in their roles and knew exactly what they wanted to accomplish. Check out his comments right here.

“The first film, [director] Jon Watts and I were sort of flying by the seat of our pants,” Holland explained. “This one, I think we both felt really confident, so we were able to relax. We actually had so much more fun on this one than we did on the previous two.”

For anyone wondering how much different No Way Home would be, Holland told a big crowd at the trailer release event that this would be a little bit more action-oriented than his previous stints were.

“You’re going to see a style of fighting like you’ve never seen in a Spider-Man movie before, and that was down to our stunt coordinator George Cottle,” he began. “They designed these fights to shock you guys, to really put you on your back feet. And when we were shooting this one scene in particular, it’s like this, I reckon a 35-beat fight scene between myself and one of the villains, and we shot it over and over and over again over three or four days, and I remember my knuckles were all bloody and I was knackered and we were fighting and fighting. In all fairness, it was awful, it was such a difficult time, but in the film, it’s so spectacular and it is so overwhelming and you’ve never seen Peter Parker quite like it. I’m really excited to see what you guys think.”


Do you think No Way Home will be the best of the trilogy? Let us know down in the comments!

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