Tom And Jerry Fans Can’t Believe Jerry’s Real Name

Tom and Jerry have fans talking again as people are shocked to learn that Jerry’s real name is Gerald. A couple of weeks ago the duo was added to Multiversus. The fighting game showed off their origins and full names. Well, in 1940, they showed up in “Puss Gets The Boot.” But, social media users were shocked to learn that Gerald Jinx Mouse has been locked in an immortal struggle with Thomas Jasper Cat. Now, the entire trend is blowing up on Twitter again. Because not everyone saw that Multiversus graphic. But, for fans of the game, it was a delight to see the larger world learn about these two established characters all over again. Check out some of the jokes down below:

SNL Weekend Update star Colin Jost talked about his role in the recent Tom & Jerry movie on HBO Max. He really wanted to explore how animation functioned.


— grinchy ? (@konmars_) December 9, 2021

“I really like the world of seeing 2D animation brought into a live-action world,” Jost explained. “You know, in a Roger Rabbit way? That was something that really appealed to me. I just hadn’t seen it in so long. I love Tim Storey as a director, so I wanted to work with him. As the cast came together, I really liked my castmates. It was really fun and funny to work in scenes with Chloe, and Michael Pena, and Rob Delaney and Paula V. I don’t know, it was like a good vibe on set. I think we found a lot of extra stuff. I really like the idea of creating this world, especially for younger people who are going to be watching the movie. And families that are going to be watching the movie. It felt like a total escape, there was a real magic to having these cartoon characters live in a hotel in New York City.”

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LOL could you imagine

and if i speak

— rae (@teakkot) December 10, 2021


Just drama

The lies. Leave Gerald alone.

— J ? (@spicedbuttercup) December 10, 2021


There we go

actually, it’s gerald

— Lillianne Cloud (@herteqowsky) December 10, 2021


Can’t believe it

Yo this his name is Jerome excuse me ?

— Wiserjeager (@wisercav) December 10, 2021


Everyone had something to say


— tom (wap)sgans (@dimistrescu) December 10, 2021


What in the world

I would’ve settled for Jeremy, even Jeremiah, but JEROME? GTFOH ??

— Adrian (@JustAD_10) December 10, 2021


This whole time

So this whole time it’s been Thomas and Jerome ?

— it’s Lani, ‘Kay???? (@itslani_kay) December 10, 2021


When Google gets a little weird


— dippin dots connoisseur (@jakeysnakey35) December 10, 2021


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