Tokyo Revengers Is Drawing Ire Over a Major Plot Twist

Tokyo Revengers stepped out with an impressive anime not too long ago, but the series has kept quiet since its finale debuted. Since then, fans have migrated to the manga as the series is finally dipping into its final arc. Reactions to the arc have been mixed so far, but fans have held out hope for some sort of turnaround. But this week, well – it seems a lot of fans lost faith.

The whole issue stems from Tokyo Revengers chapter 241. The release went live just recently, and it was there fans caught up on a flashback sequence. Readers were shown a moment from Senju’s past, and it was there Mikey’s craziest moment was revealed.

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We already know the gang leader is dangerous, but he was serious even as a child. This is why fans were shocked when chapter 241 revealed that Mikey was the cause of Haru’s disfigurement, and it came out of nowhere. The new chapter not only made Mikey out of character by pursuing the attack, but it justified his actions with the weakest excuse. Tokyo Revengers implied the attack was prompted after Mikey tripped and broke a model airplane… and that is all.

As you can see below, fans are getting tired of Tokyo Revengers now that this chapter tipped them over the edge. Many have railed against this final arc since it began, and this absurd update hasn’t done much to disprove their point. Still, there are other fans who are preaching patience as they believe there is more to the story. Tokyo Revengers must have more sides to this story, after all, so we shouldn’t write off Mikey until we see this attack from other points of view.

What do you think about this latest twist? Does this revelation kill your interest in Tokyo Revengers? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

A Solid Theory

tokyo revengers ended when draken died nothing makes sense in this final arc anymore

— yanna MIKASA FALCO BIRTH (@pikuenthusiast) February 5, 2022


See You Never

Apparently it’s cool to hate on Tokyo Revengers now?
the less fans, the better though imo. keep leaving pls

— Nkauj Hnub (@NotSunyM) February 9, 2022


We’re Here For You

Must be tough being a Tokyo Revengers fan rn ?

— Amelia (@Ameliax0xx) February 8, 2022


Hug It Out

To all Tokyo Revengers fans

— Ani D. ? (@Anidarshan31) February 8, 2022


Congratulations… I Think

Respect to anyone who is still a Tokyo Revengers fan cause it’s really rough for y’all right now

— Jason?CW: Gintama (@AnimefanJ11) February 8, 2022


Sounds Fake But Okay

//Tr 241

Real villain of tokyo revengers

— ? (@manilamikeyy) February 7, 2022


Wait, What?


— tom (@batkaitom) February 8, 2022


Oh No

Tokyo Revengers really went from one of the most well received and highest selling mangas to being the next Fairy Tail ?

— Based? (ALT) (@Based5656) February 8, 2022


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