Thor Love And Thunder Fans Are Freaking Out Over Rumored Poster

Thor: Love and Thunder fans are freaking out about a rumored poster that’s been making the rounds on social media. This weekend, the image began to circulate and opinions followed in short order. Marvel fans from all over have a take about their first look at Chris Hemsworth’s character alongside Natalie Portman as Jane Foster Thor. Other supporting characters like Valkyrie and Korg are along for the ride as well. The image itself may be a bit busy, but that makes a bit of thematic sense with the logo that Marvel has put out and some of the photos from behind the scenes. Love and Thunder is poised to really lean into that sort of 80s van art that was a pop cultural mainstay. That means lightning smoke and wild embellishment as far as the eye can see. The MCU film’s first peek clearly fits the bill. But, such a bold choice will only stoke the fires surrounding this upcoming project. Look at some of the reactions down below:

In a recent interview with ScreenRant, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige hinted that there would be some more announcements coming up.

THIS LOOKS SO COOL!? #ThorLoveandThunder

— Matt Ramos (@therealsupes) December 11, 2021

“There’ll be news. There’ll be various events,” Feige explained. “Obviously with the pandemic, the way we’ve announced things has changed and altered, and in some ways that’s been good, because it’s kept the focus on what’s next. It’s kept the focus on the projects as they come out, and certainly the anticipation for No Way Home, I would say, is as big as anything we’ve ever felt before, which is good timing as the movie’s about to come out.”

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Makes you wonder

if this poster can do this to us, just imagine the power that the trailer will have #ThorLoveAndThunder

— summer ? || #1 valkyrie simp (@thorsbifrost) December 11, 2021


New suit coming


— Nero (@MSpector_JM) December 11, 2021


Very cool

Ah, look at that beautiful Comic Accurate suit. #thorloveandthunder

— Thoshal ? (@ThoshalKArts) December 11, 2021


An interesting detail

Mjolnir reconfigured itself for Mighty Thor ??

#ThorLoveAndThunder #Thor

— Jimmy Folino – BLM & #StopAsianHate (@MrNiceGuy513) December 11, 2021


Hence the boat!

Reminder that we are getting Space Sharks in THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER too !!! #ThorLoveAndThunder #Marvel

— EMPEROR BOSS (@GodEmperorBoss) December 11, 2021


Going to be wild

This movie is going to be craaaazy. #ThorLoveAndThunder

— The Cinematic Universe ? (@TheRealTCU) December 11, 2021


Fun Easter Egg

For anyone who is interested in comic easter eggs: the side of the boat from the #ThorLoveandThunder poster says “Aegir,” a reference to the God of the Trackless Seas from Thor (1966) #307

— Thor: Love and Thunder News (@lovethundernews) December 11, 2021


A ringing endorsement

THEY LOOK SO GOOD #thorloveandthunder

— Jay (@stuffnfilms) December 11, 2021


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