The X-Men’s Professor X Only Hates One Marvel Mutant but Not Who You Think

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Men: Unlimited #12, available now on Marvel Unlimited.

The current status of the X-Men and mutants as a whole has the species, for the most part, on the same side. Former enemies now ally with Charles Xavier, who’s ushered in a much different type of coexistence with humanity. Some mutants are not satisfied with the status quo, however, and want to make humans pay for the actions they have suffered on mutants, and the planet itself.

Curse and Nature Girl, the controversial “X-Men: Green,” have broken the laws of Krakoa, killing humans in cold blood. While Nature Girl’s actions are the most controversial, it’s Curse who is deemed to be pure evil by Xavier. Here’s a look at Xavier’s current forgiveness of other mutants and why he might not extend an olive brand to Curse anytime soon.

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As part of the radical new vision for mutants that he and Moira MacTaggert conceived of together, Charles Xavier has created ties with all of Earth’s mutants. This includes frequent frenemy Magneto, as well as otherwise stalward villains like Apocalypse and Sinister, who, due to genetic tampering, is now considered a mutant. This is part of his goal in forming a unified front for mutantkind, and something of an evolution of its own for Xavier’s former desires for tolerance. After all, if all of mutantkind, despite their differences, can live in peace on an island, perhaps they are humanity’s superiors.

This idea has even seen bloodthirsty killers like Sabretooth briefly forgiven for past crimes, showing how far Xavier is willing to go to make his dream work. Unfortunately, this level of acceptance still isn’t enough for him and the rest of the Quiet Council of Krakoa to turn a blind eye to two young mutants’ recent actions.

In the pages of X-Men: Unlimited, Nature Girl, and Curse, two young mutant girls, outright killed several everyday humans over their own personal environmental concerns. Upon being taken back to Krakoa to be tried, they’re found guilty and imprisoned on the island. During their trial and the events beforehand, it was Nature Girl who was the most active and outspoken. Despite this, Xavier blames another young mutant for it all.

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Professor X outright states that Curse is pure evil, believing that she’s far more unreachable than the young zealot Nature Girl. While this could very much be true, it does seem a bit strange that this young girl was the straw that broke Xavier’s patience. After all, Magneto, the incredibly vile Apocalypse, and other former enemies committed several acts of genocide, with Magneto/Xorn being behind the massacre of Genosha.

Curse has been shown as being far, far too willing to engage in outright devious behavior than normal. In fact, the Professor’s words of her being the real evil behind Nature Girl’s actions ring somewhat true. After all, she needed no real prodding or convincing to join in on the homicidal fun that Nature Girl engaged in. On the other hand, why is Curse apparently so beyond redemption, while people like Apocalypse and even Sabretooth can be given second chances? Sure, she and Nature Girl both more than deserved to be punished, but even their actions, as awful as they were, could surely be forgiven more than the similar atrocities committed by actual adult mutants in the past.

In the case of Magneto, he’s always had a sense of nobility and a mentality that made him very much like Nature Girl. The actions of Apocalypse and other evil mutants, however, are far less understandable, so how they’re given the benefit of the doubt after years of warring with Xavier while Curse gets written off after what seems to be one (admittedly terrible) incident is ridiculous. Perhaps future issues will show more of the evil Xavier saw in the young girl, but for right now, she’ll have to get in line when it comes to being the worst mutant the X-Men have ever faced.

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