The Witcher Season 2: Who Is Lambert?

The Witcher season 2 is almost here, and one. of the most anticipated aspects of the season involves the additional Witchers that are a part of the cast. That includes Vesemir, Eskel, and Coen, but one of the most intriguing additions is Lambert, as in the other Witcher material he has memorable and compelling interactions not only with Geralt but also with Ciri. Paul Bullion will be playing Lambert in Witcher season 2, and as I stated in our review, he is perfect casting for Lambert’s mix of sarcasm and heart. As part of’s The Witcher CRAM we’re here to get you up to speed on everything you need to know about Lambert, and you can find all of our Witcher CRAM articles right here!

Like Geralt, Lambert was trained by Vesemir and is one of the last Witchers to be trained at Kaer Morhen after the attack that brought the School down. Unlike Geralt’s road to being a Witcher, Lambert really didn’t have any choice in the matter, as after his father (who was terrible to him and his mother) was saved by a Witcher they claimed the Law of Surprise and he ended up leaving with them.

Since then he’s been training as a Witcher, and while he is very good at what he does, in the games he is a bit resentful at times of it. In the games, he grows jealous of Geralt’s notoriety and in some places popularity, though that doesn’t seem to factor into the season just yet.

What does factor in is when Geralt brings Ciri to Kaer Morhen. Lambert’s sarcastic nature and razor wit, unfortunately, get turned on Ciri a bit, though he does come around and even helps train her. Lambert also isn’t the biggest fan of Triss, who he always refers to as Merigold, and while he does help her if it is absolutely necessary, he isn’t going to jump at the chance to help her, and they have had arguments in the past.

Lambert is also present for the big battle in Witcher 3 against The Wild Hunt at Kaer Morhen, and depending on choices you make and actions you take he can die in that battle, but he can also live and even live while also finding love.


That should get you up to speed on Lambert, and you can find all of our Witcher CRAM content right here! You can also talk all things Witcher with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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