The Witcher Season 2: Who Is Francesca?

One of the many new faces in season 2 of The Witcher is Francesca, Findabair, who will be played by Mecia Simson. Francesca is set to play a major part in the Netflix series as the story moves forward, both as a sorceress and in the realm of politics, so it would be good to get up to speed on the character ahead of her season 2 debut. That’s why we’re here with the newest edition of The Witcher Season 2 CRAM, which will give you everything you need to know about Francesca, the world of The Witcher, and more.

Francesca is considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world, and in the books, she is described to have long golden hair and blue elven eyes that are as inscrutable and hard as glass. She is also someone who doesn’t mind stepping out on a limb when she’s passionate about something, which is what led to the rift between her and her father. She wasn’t a fan of her father Simlas’ preference for peace and diplomacy with the incoming human factions, and she would join the rebellion, though that ended badly after most of her companions were killed.

Francesca knows a thing or two about Elder Blood, which will factor into this upcoming season quite a bit. In the books, she would fight alongside the Brotherhood of Sorcerers at the Battle of Sodden, and she would join them as a full-time member later. She would then make a deal with Emperor Emhyr to help him wipe out the opposing side during the upcoming conclave in exchange for becoming Queen over Dol Blathanna and thus making it an Elven state.

While she did end up becoming Queen, the betrayal and the battle did not at all go according to plan. It didn’t matter though, as she was now Queen of the Aen Seidhe, and Filavandrel was alongside her. Both are a big part of season 2, and we’ll see this dynamic and evolving nation quite a bit.

Later on, she would be approached by Phillippa Eilhart, and this would lead to the creation of the Lodge, which is a secret society of sorceresses that are responsible for protecting magic. The Lodge would bring in Yennefer against her will but she would ultimately stick around for a while, and the Lodge’s first goal was to create a Kingdom ruled by magic. To do this they had to find Ciri, who was the only known person with Elder Blood in her veins. They do eventually find Ciri, but it is ultimately her choice to participate, though she leaves to meet with Geralt. Yennefer leaves as well, affirming Francesca’s issues with her.


Eventually, the Elves would leave our world when The Door is opened, and it is written that “they took away with them or destroyed every work of art, leaving not a single painting.” We don’t know who opened the door or why, but it will be interesting to see if this is approached by the show.

That is what you need to know about Francesca, and you can find even more of our Witcher CRAM content right here! You can also talk all thing Witcher with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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