The Witcher Season 2: Everything You Need to Know About Kaer Morhen

Witchers are often traveling across the world as they search for monsters and coin, but even a Witcher wants to have some place to call home, and for Geralt, that home is Kaer Morhen. Kaer Morhen was mentioned during The Witcher season 1, but it will play a massive role in season 2 and will house a number of beloved characters from the books and games as well. As part of The Witcher season 2 CRAM, ComicBook is here to break down everything you need to know about the Witcher fortress, including its meaning, what happened to it, and more, and you can check out all of our Witcher season 2 CRAM articles right here!

Kaer Morhen, when translated from Elder speech, stands for Keep of the Elder Sea and is a fortress that used to house the School of the Wolf, which is the Witcher School Geralt belongs to. Many have tried to find Kaer Morhen but to do so you have to follow the Witchers Trail (aka The Killer, which is not just easy to miss but also used for Witcher training, thus making it difficult to move through for those who don’t know where they are going.

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The school would run and create new Witchers until the 1170s when it was learned by the people in the neighboring villages and kingdoms that some in the Witcher fraternity had started experimenting and creating new monster splices to keep their way of life alive. Vesemir did not know this, and when he found out he confronted Deglan, but some saw the revelation as an opportunity, and Tetra would lead a mob of townsfolk and an army of creatures (with the help of Kitsu’s magic) to Kaer Morhen’s gates. Many of the Witchers and sorcerers who knew the process of creating Witchers died in the battle, though Vesemir and a number of younger recruits, including Geralt, survived.

The fortress was severely damaged as a result, though despite its rough shape it is still used as a place for Witchers to stay in between jobs, and more often than not is used as a shelter during the cold winter months.


From behind-the-scenes details and footage, we also know a bit about what the show’s take on Kaer Morhen will look like and feature. One area fans have seen a lot of is the Great Hall, which can be seen when Geralt and Ciri arrive at Kaer Morhen and houses a bunch of tables for Witchers to eat at and relax. This room also has a large tree in the center of it next to a fire pit, and the tree is called the Medallion Tree. It’s called that for a very clear reason, as it holds the Witcher Medallion of fallen Witchers, honoring those who have fallen. That said, if you ever want to know a monster is approaching, it also acts like a giant monster alarm too.

We also see the armory, which holds numerous weapons used to train and to slay monsters out in the world. We also see Geralt and Ciri working in the lab, attempting to identify a piece of a creature. The lab is also where elixirs, potions, tonics, and more are created.

Clips have also revealed a bit of the training grounds, including an area with training dummies and a challenging obstacle course that Ciri attempts to run through several times.


That’s all you need to know about Kaer Morhen, and you can check out all of our Witcher CRAM coverage right here! You can also talk all things Witcher with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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