The Tragic Death of Venom Confirmed Marvel’s Most Powerful Cosmic Being

Venom: The End #1 (by Adam Warren, Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz, Guru e-FX and VC’s Clayton Cowles) is a unique one-shot in a series of side stories that tell about the potential futures of Marvel characters in their final moments. Unlike other stories under the “The End” umbrella, Venom’s finale may be the most grandiose and mind-blowing to date.

However, in its massive scale is also a tale of a lone alien who dares to go against its nature to be a cosmically powered hero. As a result of its choices, the Venom symbiote is named, perhaps surprisingly, the Marvel universe’s most powerful being.

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The story follows the Venom symbiote to war with the Superhuman Artificial Intelligence (A.S.I.) to preserve humanity. However, in its trillions of years of combat, Venom suffered countless losses that only served to motivate its goals and do its best to preserve humanity. However, Venom’s can’t quit attitude wasn’t the only thing that made it as powerful as other space-faring, Celestial-level threats.

In his years of being a lethal protector, Venom learned that preserving human life is better than sacrificing it. But rather than obtain new powers to combat the A.S.I. threat, Venom instead amplified its own life by using its most simple abilities. A symbiote can remember every host and replicate its powers thanks to its internal codex. Because of this skill, Venom’s plan involved recreating duplicates of itself thanks to the powers of Multiple Man. In doing so, Venom created even more venomized mutants, giving him an antimatter cannon capable of destroying planets.

But to combat the A.S.I., it took things a step further, traveling through time with powers obtained by Quicksilver and amplifying them with the powers of another mutant named Elixir. By doing so, it bonded with countless powerful beings and as many living creatures as it could. With an overloaded codex, Venom used its cosmic knowledge to rip itself apart and create a pocket universe where life could once again thrive.

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In the main Marvel 616 universe, Venom and Eddie Brock have reached their own level of Godhood that has not been seen before in symbiosis. Following the King in Black event, the defeat of Knull makes Eddie and Venom become the new King in Black. By taking the title, Eddie is given the ability to connect to all symbiotes in the Klyntar hive. This allows him to pilot other symbiotes and show him another way to live that doesn’t involve violence.

However, when connected, his mortal body can’t handle the immense strain, forcing him to age faster. In Venom #1 (by Al Ewing, Ram V, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie, Alex Sinclair and Clayton Cowles), though, Eddie seems to suffer physical death, separating his mind and body. His connection to the symbiotes may have saved him, however, as his consciousness now inhabits a more humanoid symbiote suit, making him even more powerful.

Although Cosmic Venom is a powerful being in its own universe, a couple of 616 characters have their own abilities that could compare. For example, as the creator of the symbiotes and All-Black the Necrosword, Knull has Godlike strength. His abilities are so great, he could even kill Celestials, putting him on par with a cosmically-enhanced Venom. There’s also Necro-Thor, who appeared in Thor: God of Thunder #11 by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribić. In the issue, he absorbed the Necrosword, making him infinitely more powerful for only a brief moment.

Compared to the 616 universe’s most powerful beings, it’s clear that Cosmic Venom is a force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe. But could his strength even be witnessed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? For now, it seems unlikely as, when compared to the comics, the MCU is still in its infancy. Plus, with Venom only recently entering the MCU, there are still more stories left to explore before he gains a power boost. The MCU is always full of surprises, of course, meaning anything could happen… if even for a moment.

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