The Strongest Omega-Level Mutant’s Powers Are Too Weird for Marvel Movies

The mutants of the Marvel Universe are capable of wielding a wide range of impressive powers, and even the most mundane of their species tend to have an advantage over the average human. However, Omega-Level mutants are far more powerful than most of their kind, with powers so great that they rival those of some of the galaxy’s most powerful cosmic entities.

Unfortunately, the immense power that Omega-Level mutants wield can have detrimental effects on their mental states, and even strong-willed individuals like Jean Grey have been pushed over the edge of sanity by the strain that their abilities take on their minds. As a result, mentally-unstable Omega-Level mutants like Charles Xavier’s son Legion can become incredibly dangerous threats.

Jamie Braddock, an Omega-Level mutant and the older brother of the heroes Brian and Betsy Braddock, possesses a terrifying combination of mental instability and raw power that makes him one of the strongest and strangest individuals in the Marvel universe, and those same qualities make it very unlikely that he’ll ever make an appearance in the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Jaime was first introduced in Captain Britain #9 (by Chris Clairemont, Herbe Trimpe, Fred Kida, G. Roussos, and Irving Watanabe), where he was established as the head of the highly-successful Braddock Industries, a position he inherited from the Braddock siblings’ deceased parents James and Elizabeth. Upon discovering his brother’s secret identity as the superhero Captain Britain, Jamie initially assisted his brother as he battled threats to both Great Britain and the mystical realm of Otherworld. However, Jaimie was also secretly involved with an illegal slave trafficking ring operating across Africa, and his crimes soon earned him the ire of Dr. Crocodile, the king of the African nation of Mbangawi. Although Brian initially battled Crocodile to save Jamie, he left his brother to his fate after Dr. Crocodile revealed the true nature of Jamie’s “business.”

As punishment for his crimes, Jamie was subjected to brutal torture that ultimately drove him to madness, leading him to believe that the world around him was nothing more than a bad dream. His latent mutant ability then manifested, which allows him to alter and manipulate reality. After escaping captivity by turning Dr. Crocodile into an actual crocodile, Jamie returned to England and used his newfound powers to seize control of his family’s ancestral castle and establish an underground criminal empire, taking on the mannerisms of a medieval king.

Although Jamie’s attempt to conquer the United Kingdom would ultimately be thwarted by Brian, Betsy (who was now operating as the X-Men’s Psylocke), and the superhero team Excaliber, he would continue to bend reality to his increasingly irrational whims, becoming a recurring foe to both Excaliber and the X-Men. As Jamie’s insanity grew, so did the strength of his abilities. At first, Jamie could only manipulate and reshape solid objects, but in later appearances, he was able to teleport himself and others across vast distances, re-write people’s memories, and even grant a fraction of his reality-warping powers to others. Throughout all of this, Jamie’s personality continued to grow more unstable, as he took on a fast-paced, slang-filled manner of speech and wore nothing but a cape, a top hat, and underwear.

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Like other Omega-Level mutants, Jamie’s abilities put him on an entirely different level than most other Marvel heroes and villains. However, while these abilities do make him one of the most dangerous beings in the universe, they also make it very unlikely that he will appear in the MCU. There are no defined limits to Jamie’s abilities, and it might prove difficult to create a scenario wherein he is realistically defeated. What’s worse, Jamie’s off-color mannerisms and “unique” choice of attire make him an incredibly risque character and it’s unlikely that Disney would risk tarnishing their family-friendly image by introducing someone so vulgar and disturbing into the MCU.

With the upcoming debut of the X-Men, Omega-Level mutants like Bobby Drake and Magneto are likely to make the transition to the MCU in the near future. However, the crass, reality-altering “King of Avalon” probably won’t be featured in the onscreen universe for good reason.

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