The Most Powerful Doctor Doom Is Too Gross to Be an MCU Avengers Villain

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Avengers #50, on sale from Marvel now!

Doctor Doom’s particular mixture of technology and magic has always made him one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. Fans have clamored for him to be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for years now but the newly debuted Doom Supreme is simply too powerful (and too gross!) for the MCU.

Avengers #50 weaved a multiversal tapestry of Avengers fighting the forces of evil, but Mephisto and Doom Supreme were conniving in the background to form their own team of multiversal villains to get rid of the Avengers of all Earths once and for all.

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Doom Supreme is a version of Doctor Doom who kept the infamous mystic armor he gained through his bargain with the Haazareth Three. As part of the deal he made with them, he had to sacrifice something that he could never replace. Years before, Doom had been in love with a peasant girl named Valeria who now resented him for becoming a supervillain. As part of the deal, he appeared to her and made her fall back in love with him only to use the trio’s magic to kill her. The trio transformed her putrid skin into leather armor for Doom, granting him incredible magical powers.

Given what Doom Supreme says while talking to Mephisto, its clear that he is incredibly powerful, more so than the regular Doom with his mystic skin armor. Doom Supreme ascended to the rank of Sorcerer Supreme, a title typically held by Dr. Strange, that marks its owner as the strongest sorcerer in their universe and Doom Supreme clearly outlines that he is the master of the darkest arts. Additionally, he calls himself the Doom Above All, which could hint at the fact that he overcame the One Above All or a version of them from his universe.

Doom Supreme came to One Million B.C. to castrate the Age of Heroes before it got started and led to the world being infested with heroes that could stop his evil plans. Mephisto, having seen many people try this and done it himself, explained that there was something special about Earth that created an infinite number of heroes to defeat villains like them. Afterwards, Mephisto proposed that they come together and create their own team of multiversal villains to oppose the heroes that continually defeated them. Doom Supreme obliged and scoured the multiverse for the strongest villains to create the new Masters of Evil who would go on to decimate the Avengers of almost every universe, leaving Earth-616’s for last.

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Doctor Doom is a fan-favorite Marvel character, so the MCU audience have been clamoring for him to be introduced into the cinematic universe, but this version of Doom is too powerful and too repulsive for the silver screen. Given that Doom Supreme is able to travel through both time and space and his team has seemingly laid waste to almost every version of the Avengers, he is simply too powerful to appear in the MCU unless every character got a major power boost. An armor made of his girlfriend’s putrid human skin would earn whatever movie he appears in an R-rating, which would buck the family-friendly trend of the MCU. Although, given the Darkhold’s skin-bound appearance in Wandavision, it might be possible that Doom Supreme’s putrid skin armor could make an appearance without its origins being outright stated.

Nevertheless, Doom Supreme is clearly one of the most powerful (and repulsive) versions of Doctor Doom yet, a true god-like mix of technology and magic that could possibly spell doom for the Avengers. If Doctor Doom ever makes it into the MCU, it’ll likely be the regular version but its possible some inspiration could be taken from Doom Supreme’s appearance and personality.

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