The Last of Us TV Show Leak Reveals Our Best Look Yet at Joel and Ellie

The Last of Us HBO TV show is still filming, which means set photos continue to leak online. So far, these leaks have produced almost exclusively blurry photos of the cast or boring images of just the set by itself. Today, this pattern was broken though. One new set photo, in particular, is making the rounds as it provides what is our best look yet at Joel and Ellie, the show’s two protagonists.

If you haven’t been paying attention, the show is currently filming in Calgary, Canada. So far, the show has exclusively been filmed in Canada, with Calgary being one of the main locations. The show has been filming there for a while, but only today did a good shot of Joel and Ellie finally surface online. And as a special cherry on top, Henry and Sam are also featured in the image.

Officially, we’ve only seen the backs of Joel and Ellie, but set photo leaks have shown the entirety of both characters, but these images have been either blurry or far away. Meanwhile, this is our first time seeing Sam and Henry. For those that don’t know: Sam is a supporting character in the first Last of Us game, who we don’t know much about other than that he’s a 13-year-old survivor from Hartford, Connecticut. Meanwhile, Henry is his older brother. As you would expect, Henry is very protective of Sam.

New HBO’s The Last of Us set photos in Calgary!
Joel (Pedro Pascal), Ellie (Bella Ramsey), Henry (Uknown), Sam (Uknown) #TheLastofUs #HBO

— NaughtyDogInfo (@NaughtyDogInfo) March 23, 2022

As it has been pointed out, Bella Ramsey is wearing Ellie’s winter outfit from the games here, which is another sign that HBO is going for a very faithful adaptation of the hit PS3 game.

Bella is wearing Ellie’s winter outfit ?

— NaughtyDogInfo (@NaughtyDogInfo) March 23, 2022

We don’t know who’s playing Sam and Henry in the show, and unfortunately, the image above doesn’t provide any definitive answers. That said, now that our first look at these characters has leaked, we should be hearing about their castings soon.


The Last of Us HBO TV Show is currently filming. There’s no word of when it will be revealed or released. For more coverage on it though — including everything between the latest official news to the latest unofficial rumors and speculation — click here.

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