The Last of Us Remake Potentially Hinted at in New PlayStation Job Post

A new job opening at PlayStation seems to hint that reports that the reported remake of The Last of Us is very much real. Earlier in 2021, a handful of different reports and rumors came about suggesting that developer Naughty Dog was currently in the process of working on a new version of The Last of Us for PlayStation 5. While those at PlayStation have yet to confirm in an official capacity that this is true, the job listing in mention definitely suggests that the project is in the works.

This new job at Sony is specifically for the role of a Technical Game Designer. The position, which is associated with PlayStation’s Creative Arts Development team in San Diego, is said to be remote, but will see the candidate that is hired working with a number of different studios that belong to Sony. Some of the studios that the job post happens to mention include Santa Monica Studio, Guerrilla Games, Sucker Punch Productions, and Naughty Dog.

The reason it is believed that this job could have something to do with the reported PS5 remake of The Last of Us comes when looking at the responsibilities of this role. Specifically, the post states that the person who ends up with the gig will, “Implement existing gameplay systems into a new framework.” As you can tell by this wording, it’s clearly suggested that the project that is being developed is working off of a title that already exists. This notion is further hinted at in another responsibility for the job that says candidates will be, “Improving existing level scripts for interaction and engagement.”

It’s worth stressing that nothing about this job description outright mentions The Last of Us, meaning that the project that is being created could be associated with something else entirely. That being said, most of what this job description has mentioned does line up with what we have heard about with the remake of The Last of Us. With this in mind, it definitely seems like the project’s legitimacy is now much more likely.


Do you think that this new job opening does tease the reported remake of The Last of Us? And if so, when do you think we could see it formally announced? Let me know all of your thoughts down in the comments section.

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