The HeroQuest Board Game Remake Is Back With Expansion Sets

The classic HeroQuest board game was released in 1989 by Milton Bradley, earning a cult status in the years that followed. Now owned by Hasbro / Avalon Hill, a new version of the game made a triumphant return with a wildly successful Haslab croundfunding campaign last year that earned nearly $4 million on a $1 million goal. Last week, Hasbro fulfilled their promise to make HeroQuest available at retail. UPDATE: Kellar’s Keep and Return of the Witch Lord expansion packs added.

Pre-orders for the base HeroQuest game and expansion sets are available here at Entertainment Earth for $125.99 (free US shipping) and $24.99 respectively with a release date set for December/January. Unfortunately The Hero Collection Commander of the Guardian Knights Game Figures were also available here at Entertainment Earth for $14.99 before selling out. Hopefully we will see a restock on those in the near future. From the official description:

Buy the HeroQuest Board Game on Entertainment Earth ($126)heroquest-board-game-2.jpg

“In the Avalon Hill HeroQuest Game System Tabletop Board Game, heroes work together to complete epic quests, find treasures and defeat the forces of evil. This semi-cooperative board game has one player taking on the role of Zargon, the Game Master, while 4 mythical heroes – Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, and Wizard–team up in their quest for adventure in a maze of monsters and eerie dark dungeons. Players can immerse themselves in the fantasy with the stunning artwork, and 65+ detailed miniatures. The game comes with 14 quests, and has limitless replayability because players can also build their own quests and create their own stories. Gather friends together for an exciting night of tabletop gameplay in an epic battle of good and evil. The game is for 2-5 players, ages 14 and up.”

The HeroQuest Hero Collection Commander of the Guardian Knights Game Figures includes “2 highly-detailed Champion of the Guardian Knights figures on 25mm bases, each with powers and skills not seen in other HeroQuest characters.” The set also comes with 12 game cards. You’ll need the base HeroQuest game to play.


HeroQuest was a popular line of dungeon-crawling board games released in the 1980s. The game’s core game system allowed a dungeon master to build their own dungeon, challenging players as they descended into a castle or dungeon to complete various quests. The quests were often part of an overarching story, and players could use the items they gained in quests on future expeditions. Hasbro stopped producing expansions for HeroQuest in 1992, although a video game based the board game came out in 1994. In September 2020, Hasbro obtained the trademark for HeroQuest (which was also used for an unrelated tabletop RPG) from Chaosium, paving the way for the game’s official re-launch.

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