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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Fantastic Four: Life Story #5, on sale now.

Fantastic Four: Life Story #5 (by Mark Russell, Sean Izaakse, Carlos Magno, Nolan Woodard, and VC’s Joe Caramagna) continues the series’ premise of taking the First Family’s publication history and remixing it in a more consistent narrative. The story’s backbone has been the looming threat of Galactus, a foe who Reed Richards has been determined to defeat somehow. Ironically, it’s the villainous Doctor Doom who proposes the most interesting way of dealing with Galactus, though the implications are anything but heroic.

Doctor Doom’s plan to curtail Earth’s destruction involves a eugenics program that would sate Galactus with an endless supply of lives to feast upon. This dark idea is right up Doom’s alley, but as evil, as it sounds, it isn’t that different from what Silver Surfer has been doing. It could also show up in some capacity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Galactus being a sort of reverse Thanos. Here’s a look at Doom’s dastardly diet plan for Galactus.

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In Fantastic Four: Life Story #5, Earth has begun counting down the days to its imminent destruction, with Galactus already planning to destroy the planet in five years’ time. Reed Richards scrambles to find a way to stop Galactus, but the arrogant Doctor Doom’s idea is the one that impresses the Silver Surfer the most.

Victor von Doom proposes that the Surfer have his master spare Earth for the time being. In the meantime, with his resources in Latveria, Doom plans to launch an extensive breeding program that would exponentially increase the planet’s population. By simply feeding upon these supplied cattle, Galactus would have a guaranteed feeding stock the same as the Earth’s population at that time, while still leaving the planet intact for Doom to rule.

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This idea is obviously a lot less heroic than anything Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four would propose, but it isn’t that far removed from the Silver Surfer’s role. The Silver Surfer picks and chooses which planets are suitable for his master to consume, with only those he deems worthy of being spared avoiding destruction. Earth is many times almost irredeemable in the Surfer’s eyes, so it’s obvious that several worlds analogous to Earth have been doomed due to his choices.

Thus, selectively sparing or killing different people in the Surfer’s case is no more heroic than what Doom plans to do. Likewise, even though the morality of it all is still questionable, these Latverians bred for this feeding program would at least be under Doom’s rule as opposed to wholly unrelated populations of entire planets.

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What’s interesting is that this whole potential plot helps to make Galactus feel almost like a reverse of Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There, Thanos was rewritten to have a sort of eugenics plan of his own, killing half of a planet’s population in order to achieve so-called balance. Doom would be achieving a similar balance in order to keep Galactus from wiping out the entirety of Earth. After having the Earth’s population decimated by Thanos’ actions, many would likely be willing to do anything to keep something similar from ever happening again.

The MCU so far doesn’t have a new “Thanos,” though many have long suspected that Doom or Galactus would serve such a role whenever they’re introduced. By pulling in ideas from Life Story, the MCU could build up its newest villains and replicate the feeling of Thanos in the Infinity Saga.

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