The Expanse: Marco Inaros Discusses Discipline in an Exclusive New Clip

Amazon’s The Expanse returned last week with the premiere of its sixth and final season. The system is still reeling from Marco Inaros’ orbital strike on Earth, and the inner planets are now locked in a war with the Inaros’ OPA. Last week’s premiere ended with Marco and Naomi’s son, Filip, losing his cool and shooting a friend and fellow OPA member. A new clip from the season’s second episode, provided exclusively to, offers a glimpse at Marcos discussing how properly discipline Filip with one of his advisors. You can watch the clip from the upcoming episode of The Expanse above. spoke to Keon Alexander, the actor who plays Marco on the show, ahead of last year’s season five premiere. Alexander discussed how series creators Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham modeled Marco on Alexander the Great, something Alexander wasn’t aware of when he first signed onto the show.

“I didn’t make the link to Alexander the Great then, but I personally already felt a link to Alexander the Great and already had an affinity with that storyline from when I was young,” Alexander said. “Having that mythology already in the backdrop for me, as an actor, was super, super-rich. And then I sort of woke up to social injustice at a pretty early age, and when I was young, I used to write mock speeches and things. At that point, I drew inspiration from a few different sources, from Martin Luther King Jr for the oration, from Malcolm X, for the fire, and even a bit of Mandela for the heart.

“Having those figures, those powerhouses of human beings whose voices, even their voices alone resound with us, in my system, it was very easy to drop in when the time came to click all those pieces in place. But a part of my research especially was Malcolm, for sure. In that, I think there’s a fire in Marco. There is a willingness to be the taboo, to put your neck out, to break through the currently existing boundaries, and not play along, in a way. I think there is a fire in him that I really could connect to in listening to a lot of the beautiful recordings that we have from Malcolm.”


What do you think of the new clip from The Expanse Season Six? Let us know in the comments. The Expanse debuts new episodes on Fridays on Amazon Prime Video.

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