The DC Universe Mourns the Justice League’s Death in Dark Crisis #1 Preview

With Free Comic Book Day on the horizon, DC is providing fans with the first look at the first seven pages of Dark Crisis #1, which is being included in Dark Crisis #0 FCBD Special Edition on May 7th. Dark Crisis follows the events in Justice League #75, aka “The Death of the Justice League.” All but one hero on the Justice League perished in a battle against Pariah and his Dark Army, which consisted of various villains like Darkseid and Eclipso, who were being controlled by Pariah. The preview features the next generation of DC heroes stepping up in the Justice League’s absence, along with a public memorial for the Justice League.

Along with the Dark Crisis #1 preview by writer Joshua Williamson and artist Daniel Sampere is a Crisis on Infinite Earths homage cover by DC Chief Creative Officer and Publisher Jim Lee. It was originally created for DC FanDome 2021, but will now be included in a series of crisis homage variant covers paying tribute to the original crisis event, Crisis on Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman and George P?rez. Alex Sinclair provides the colors for the homage variant.

Speaking of variants covers, Dark Crisis #7 will feature an open to order variant of the George P?rez birthday celebration cover. Retailers who order 50 copies of every Dark Crisis homage variant cover will receive a foil variant of the George P?rez cover. A special version of the George P?rez Dark Crisis #7 variant will be available for sale by The Hero Initiative to raise funds for one of P?rez’s favorite charities.

The description of Dark Crisis #1 reads: “Witness the rise and fall of the Justice League! The event years in the making is here with Dark Crisis. The Justice League is comics’ greatest super-team–made up of DC Comics’ legendary Super Heroes, they have saved the world countless times. No crisis was too much for them to handle…until now! The Justice League has been defeated by the Great Darkness and its army of DC’s most dangerous villains–now a new generation of heroes must rise to protect not only the Multiverse…but also the legacy of the DC Universe! A prelude to DC’s biggest story of 2022!”

Dark Crisis #0 FCBD Special Edition will be available May 7th on FCBD, followed by Justice League: Road to Dark Crisis #1 on May 31st.

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