Texas Chain Saw Massacre Co-Creator Worked With Game Developers to Create New Killers


Earlier today came the world premiere from Gun Media that an asymmetrical horror game based on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is officially in the works. Much like their previous title Friday the 13th the new game will have killers fighting against survivors but unlike that particular game, Gun Media only has the rights to the first Texas Chain Saw movie. So rather than a host of different versions of Leatherface to choose from as playable killers, like how Friday the 13th offered different Jasons with different skills based on his many sequel appearances, Gun’s new game will give you the choice of several different killers to choose from, including some new ones.

Beyond the iconic Leatherface as a playable killer, Gun has confirmed that both The Cook and The Hitchhiker from the “Slaughter” Family will be playable in the game and that brand new killers members of the family will be introduced. In a blogpost on the game’s official website Gun confirmed that they wanted to make all-new characters that “fit seamlessly in with original favorites, while still focusing on accuracy and authenticity” and to do so they enlisted the help of none other than Kim Henkel, co-writer of the original movie with director Tobe Hooper. Henkel worked with the team to develop the all-new killers that will be playable in the game, marking his first time working on the franchise proper since 1994’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.

“It was quickly apparent that we would need additional family members in order to create the type of team-based multiplayer experience we were after,” Ronnie Hobbs, Creative Director, Gun Interactive said in a statement. “As interesting as The Cook, Hitchhiker, and Leatherface are, three killers simply wouldn’t be enough to sustain the game for long periods of time. We needed more. Luckily, Kim Henkel came through again to help us solve this issue. Kim had several ideas for additional characters that never made it into the 1974 film, but ultimately he allowed us to create new Slaughter family members on our own. This level of trust meant the world to me. I knew each new family member had to be unique and memorable, while at the same time looking like they belonged. To put it simply, they needed to stand out, but not in a negative way.”

“While I can’t discuss specific character details, I can say a considerable amount of time and work went into crafting each of the new killers. Each one took well over a year from start to finish, and it’s an aspect of the game that myself and the team is quite proud of.”


Details on the release for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre were not confirmed but a new reboot of the property is set to arrive on Netflix in February of 2022. Should the game arrive next year as well it would make it the biggest year in the franchise’s history.

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