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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Teen Titans Academy #9, on sale now from DC Comics.

The Teen Titans have had their hands full lately. Many things have plagued their new Academy for super teens lately but Red X has been the one constant thorn in their side. The mysterious villain from the Teen Titans cartoon of the early 2000s made their debut in the comics in Future State, before becoming a regular fixture in the team’s Infinite Frontier series. Red X’s identity in the comics, as in the show, has been kept a closely guarded secret, with only a few small hints given as to the possible identity of the villain. Now, however, it looks like the Titans have an answer once and for all as to who Red X really is, thanks to another old foe.

An old enemy of the Teen Titans returns to build a new version of their rival team, the Fearsome Five, in Teen Titans Academy #9 (by Tim Sheridan, Mike Norton, Hi-Fi, and Rob Leigh). The psychic villain Psimon lured four students away from the Academy to offer them places on his new team. The titular fifth member of this infamous group turned out to be none other than Red X.

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None of the four students wished to join Psimon’s group upon arrival, and neither did Red X. Rather, all five of them were brought to the meeting against their will and, in the case of the troublesome X, it may have just blown their cover.

The staff at Teen Titans Academy soon became aware of the disappearances and got to work on tracking down the four students they knew to be missing. Though Psimon believed his way of drawing the teens out was discreet, it turned out to be anything but. Raven’s powers have many unique uses and one of these is being able to track psychic energies, and not just those of psychics like Psimon, but everyone.

According to her, everyone has a unique psionic pulse. She isn’t a psychic herself so can’t follow it too far but she can trace it far enough. These pulses don’t stop, not even when someone dies. This made it all the more strange when she noticed that some of the trails in the school simply stopped in the dorm rooms. Beast Boy assumed that there were only four students whose trails stopped, the four they knew were missing, but it turns out there were five.

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That means that Red X is a student in the Academy as they suspected all along. It also means that they can figure out exactly who this mysterious individual is. All they have to do is go to the dorm room and figure out which student is missing. The staff previously lied and told the students they knew who Red X was before. Though they were certain that it was a student, they couldn’t be sure which one. This is something that has caused tensions between the staff and the kids, with Dane citing that incident and their lies to Billy Batson as reasons to join Psimon here.

If the Titans really had no clue as to Red X’s identity before all this then they certainly do now. They aren’t the only ones either. The Bat-Pack discovered the truth when the mystery villain took off their mask in front of them. For some reason, the Gotham group kept that secret too. The issue ended with Red X losing control in frustration and revealing their own powers – what appeared to be some sort of pulse of energy or telekinetic ability. Yet another clue as to who this secret student really is. It looks like the mystery of who Red X really is will be resolved very soon but how it will affect Teen Titans Academy remains unknown.

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