TBU Merch Review: Spin Master Remote Control Batmobile


The latest TBU Merch Review heads over to the backlog of items we have left from 2020. The item today is one of the first items from Spin Master with the remote control Batmobile. This vehicle was released along with the first wave of items from Spin Master after they took over the license for boy’s toys from Mattel at the beginning of 2020.


We have actually looked at a lot of the vehicles Spin Master has offered from 2020, but this is the first item that isn’t part of the action figure line. While it is the same scale as some of the other offerings, it doesn’t have the playability that the other releases have had.


Earlier this year, we took a look at a similar remote control Batmobile, the main difference being that that one had the ability to put a figure in the cockpit. That one also had more sculpting and details present on the vehicle, along with a figure included, but the functions were practically the same. The other difference was the price. That one ran around $40, while this one is half the price at $20.


The midway point between the first one and this new one we are taking a look at is the 2-in-1 transforming Batmobile. This one had playability, but the remote control element is not present. This was one was priced right in the middle of the two at around $30.


That isn’t to say that this new to us item does not have a market. The lower price point is perfect for a gift where either you have a more limited budget, or you are looking for something that doesn’t require the need for additional elements like the action figures with the other two releases. Let’s take a look.

There are a few other vehicles from Spin Master that we have yet to take a look at, including one major one that features the remote control element. That will be coming in the future along with some of the smaller vehicles Spin Master has released alongside various action figures. If you are looking to add this item to your collection or purchase for a Bat-Fan in your life, consider using our affiliate link on Amazon to purchase the Spin Master remote control Batmobile. It helps support future reviews and takes nothing but a click to support TBU.

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